Stuff has Changed

May 30, 2018

I remember getting into a lot of this back in 2008 or so. In those days there was just The Mystery Method, and a handful of other books on the topic. I used the information, and yes I got laid. My success wasn't immense, but it was enough for me.

Chad wasn't even a thing (that I can remember). It was just alpha and beta. The focus was just pickup. I don't think Rollo had even written his book yet (not sure).

Now there's SJWS, The Purple Pill Debate, Incels (wtf), neo masculinity, and a lot of feminists up in arms about all this stuff. I kind of miss how it was back then. It was just guys talking about how to pick up women, and all the mandatory self improvement that come out of that.

Anyway, here's a little advice from a guy that's been around the block. Hopefully this won't sound too redundant:

  1. Incels are just guys that haven't even begun to start trying. They are lost. The people talking about them have some weird agenda. Just ignore them.
  2. Women will never ever admit to hypergamy. Don't waste your time. Just be rational and navigate.
  3. Exercise is important.
  4. Before obsessing about getting laid, ask yourself, do you care that much? Most guys are programmed to think that if they aren't getting laid they are losers or something. You're not a loser.
  5. FATE is what I never see talked about much in this community. Some people are fated not to have too many relationships, and not because they are loser omegas or betas. Some people were born more for other things. Maybe they go off to war. Maybe they live in the woods. Maybe they strive before success gives them what they want. This is normal. Enjoy striving. Get a sense of your own fate. It will help.
  6. There's nothing wrong with learning better social skills to pickup women. Holding a frame, learning to joke in a conversation etc are all important. The people that think this is bad are lost. Women that get offended even when a man politely flirts with them are BITCHES. They qualify themselves out when they react. Don't forget that.
  7. As you get older you'll be able to tell when a women is into you within a minute of talking to them. This isn't rocket science. Pay attention to subtext. SUBTEXT.
  8. Women have to carry a baby for nine months. That's why this all seems like so much work. If you don't like it, strive or get to know your bisexual side.
  9. Porn will fuck you up. It's just too advanced now for our ape brains to deal with. Jerk off without it.
  10. This isn't a community just for conservatives or liberals. It transcends those boundaries.

And finally one last super important observation. I used to look at all my failures and blame myself. If only I had done X. Or if only I had done Y. What I didn't do was give myself enough credit. Maybe I ran a DLV spike because deep down inside I didn't like her. Maybe my failures weren't failures because I didn't stand up for what I actually needed. QUALIFYING is very important. You can't qualify what's right for you, if you can't stand up for yourself.

Ask yourself if you actually give that much of a shit. Ask yourself what you NEED not what you WANT, and remember getting in touch with your needs can take years!

YOU CAN'T FAIL IF YOU KNOW SHE'S NOT RIGHT FOR YOU. Talk to thirty women... how many are actually a match? Maybe one? Those other twenty nine aren't failures, and yes that applies to just getting laid too. Who the hell wants to fuck someone they aren't actually into? You see? Your needs matter a lot. Don't ignore them. Get to know them.

The End

p.s. No not everyone can master the day game method of picking up a total stranger off the sidewalk. Socially engineer what WORKS FOR YOU. The gym, a club, house parties, workplace, church, NA meetings, dating sites, etc are all valid ways to meet someone.

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