Submission Guidelines - Reopening Submissions.

April 25, 2016

This weekend we had a nice refresher on some basic red pill articles and knowledge, and I'm happy to say it was a great success. We were featured as subreddit of the day, which is pretty cool.. and based on the traffic stats I think it's safe to say we made them a little more popular rather than the other way around..

So we're reopening submissions today, with a few caveats. We're looking to increase the average quality of our submissions so with that in mind please observe the following:

  • All posts should tie into red pill theory.

  • If you are posting a red or blue pill example, don't open with your example. Instead, formulate your theory and use anecdotes to tie it together. Bring trends to the table rather than individual experiences where you first saw TRP in action. Any anecdotes missing solid reasoning and analysis will be removed. That includes examples with a small low-quality analysis at the bottom. If you're surprised that TRP works, that's great, but we don't need to hear your first time, we already know.

  • Don't post individual field reports. Include multiple field reports that tie into a common theme or theory. If you observed theory in action, make a hypothesis, test your hypothesis, report the results.

  • If you're in doubt, read the sidebar to see the sort of quality analysis we're looking for.

  • If you are posting about current events, include a red pill analysis of what is transpiring, and why.

  • If your analysis is "You are the prize" don't submit it. While this platitude isn't wrong, it provides zero new insight about sexual strategy. And platitudes are annoying.

We're going to remain very strict about what sort of quality we're looking for.

If you're not sure you've quite got it, take some time to browse and read before participating.

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