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Successful business woman doesn't feel like a woman because too many of her male peers respect her.

November 9, 2014

There's an interesting discussion going on over at /r/AskMen.


A businesswoman thinks she is undateable "because people want to work for her". Let's examine her words through a Red Pill lense.

I'm a 20-something Female CEO of a 7 person company, and two of my employees (male, late 20's) are from an old-money crowd in the city we're in. We'll go to fundraisers and events constantly, and it's obvious that they talk to me about other girls as if I'm one of the guys.

Every ambitious woman's dream: to join the ranks of the women who are considered "one of the guys."

for example, one of them who I haven't met will start to hit on me, and I've seen said guy be pulled aside and "informed" about who I am, and then it becomes all business, and it's like I'm no-go territory.

But what's this? Suddenly it's not so great, because being the boss means she's off-limits.

Here's the big part.

I'm respected, that's obvious. They consider me "on their level" which feels odd because in some ways, I don't know if they think that way about the other women there, but then again, I don't feel like a female to them?

Fancy that: a woman feels womanly to the extent that males desire and court her.

And lastly, her feelings on the matter:

I know I'm an attractive girl, I take care of myself, keep myself in shape, and I'm focused and bullish in business... It's just the most fascinatingly odd situation to be in, and it's making me doubt myself as a woman?

So she feels like a failure as a woman, because men don't want her sexually.

I've got some news for you. They don't want you, because you've made yourself more valuable to men as a source of money than as a source of sex.

As a business leader, your responsibility is not to breed, but to make sound business decisions so that everyone in your company can continue to profit and prosper. You've set aside your female role and adopted a male one: and big surprise, you don't get to enjoy the benefits of being female anymore. You are now a workhorse who's value is measured solely by your ability to succeed - just like a man.

Congratulations, you are now equal.

But this woman cannot separate her professional responsibilities from her feelings as a woman. She can't shake the feeling that she's missing out on something fundamental in her life, and it's making her doubt herself to her very core.

Women: as unpleasant as it may be to hear, you cannot have everything. There no package deal which gives all benefit and removes all drawbacks.

You can either be:

  1. Strong, independent, respected and forever unloved or

  2. Protected, provided-for, and subservient to the man who sweats and bleeds for you.

There is no middle ground. Make your choice and live with it.

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