Suicide statistics could be of interest to TRP

September 23, 2017

In a thread discussing men's issues I posted some statistics about male suicide and I realised it includes some information that may make enlightening (If horrible) reading to TRP.

I know TRP doesn't do politics or men's issues as much, but a big part of TRP and improving yourself is maintaining strong frame and mental health. A lot of things we discuss here help with dealing with issues such as infidelity, hypergamy, divorce and the decline.

There is no better example of the issues that men face today and The Decline than suicide statistics, because people must be truly be suffering if they choose this as a solution.

A brief summary of the relevant points:

  • Men are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than women

  • of those men, ages 40-45 are the highest risk.

  • those who are divorced are three times more likely to commit suicide

  • among men aged 20-34 the leading cause of death is suicide (regional statistics may vary).

So what value can we gain from this?

  • Understand that both you and your fellow men are suffering and be vigilant both of your own life and those around you.

  • Divorce is hard. Divorce rape is life destroying. If you are suffering through a divorce - get help! If you know someone recently divorced, go out of your way to include them in your social circle.

  • Awakening men and pointing them in the right direction should be the duty of every man here.

  • If you're going to get married, if you go into it with the expectation that it's just your turn, you will be much less hurt when it ends. Expect things to go wrong, plan ahead accordingly.

  • Don't make your life orbit around a woman! This cannot be emphasised enough. Find interests, join clubs, develop hobbies, socialize!

  • Feminists regularly disregard these statistics and make comments like "Well women do more suicide attempts!" and "Women do less messy methods and are thus more likely to be saved!". As if it was a fucking competition! Feminists literally do not care if men are dying enmasse, they still find a way to make it all about them. They will NOT help you or your fellow man.

  • Fucking well LIFT. Exercise releases endorphins and dopamine and thus helps you feel happier. Being fitter also helps you be happier with yourself and be more socially accepted. You will have more respect for yourself and others will see that too.

  • Being stoic doesn't mean you don't feel. It means don't show. If you are feeling strong emotions, talk about it with your best mates or your family over a beer. Don't bottle emotions up until you are full to bursting. Talk about shit that matters to the people that matter only (Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, the Cat even!). Maintain a facade to people that don't.

  • Do not look to women for help or compassion, let alone genuine concern for men. They will publicly express sorrow and say how much they loved said SuicideDude (virtue signaling), when in reality they ignored them as much as any other. Remember this thread?. Internally women think "See? I'm glad I divorced him!" or "Good thing I dumped him, what a loser!". They will not understand or accept any kind of public accountability or responsibility or negative relation at all to a suicide no matter how related they are, nor will they have much introspection to their own behaviour. Judge a woman by her actions, not her words!

Do not let yourself become one of these. Survive the decline and stay frosty!

Edit2: updated post with links as per /u/MattyAnon 's suggestions

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