tl;dr I want help ending it.

I found this community about 6 weeks ago and started implementing Red Pill techniques into my relationship. It was amazing to watch this shit work flawlessly. Every time that it worked like clock-work I would literally thank the red pill under my breath. Sex became crazier and abundant and I ended up with a very obedient little girlfriend.


I have this dream of following my dick around SE Asia, followed by backpacking the rest of the world. I love to party as well and snowflake can't stand it. I am 20 years old and have a very decent income from a business I own. Not to mention that the business is ran mostly through the internet, so I am not location dependent. I have another dream of living in a penthouse in San Diego and she would rather live in a single family home in my home town...

TRP helped me to realize that she is not a special little snowflake (haven't revealed any of those details here, but I can if requested). TRP also helped me to realize my value and my goals.

Now I need help ending this relationship. We've been together for over 2 years. She has no job or education, but she is super into the gym now (thank you red pill) and is getting certified as a personal trainer. She is extremely emotionally dependent on me. I'd like your advice on what to say, how to say it etc.. Also how to handle her after the breakup when she inevitably continues to try to talk to me.

A couple of complications: The first anniversary of her dad passing is coming up in 2 weeks (she was daddy's little girl). There is a lot of manly stuff that needs to be done at her place for the next couple of weeks - snowflake, her mom, and her grandmother all live together and there are no men around to help. She's getting wisdom teeth out in early september. And her car has a bunch of stuff wrong with it, and I always pay for it to get fixed.

Help me through this so I can be on my way to Thailand.