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June 9, 2015

About two years ago I set the OK Cupid filter to Hispanic and sent 20 women the following message:
Ay Chica, I herd you was looking for a knight in shining armor. Girl I gotchu. Ima be your Conquistador girl. Ima conquer that pussy. Hit me up so we can drink hortchata while listening to Pit Bull on Latino 96.3. ¡Horale!
Two weeks later I was putting my Soviet Missile all up in the Caribbean like it was 1962.

I was met with outrage when I posted my tale of South American jungle conquest to the OK Cupid subreddit . The predominantly Non-Hispanic redditors of OK Cupid found my post offensive and decided to get offended on behalf of the women who sucked my dick. Their analysis was: you shouldn't send messages that might possibly offend someone whether or not they actually offend. No one bothered asking why my allegedly horrible message got more responses than that of The Cat Rapper.

The Red Pill on the other hand, offered an analysis that went beyond personal feelings. Yes the message is polarizing, however women are constantly flooded with compliments and generic bullshit. A message that makes her feel some type of way is more memorable and thus more likely to generate a response. Some of the responses are going to be: go fuck yourself and some are going to be: White boy you funny, pero stoopid. However both are preferable to the radio silence that betas receive. Offering Latin ladies Pit Bull rides and hortchata sips is a better strategy than beta flattery.

What differentiates Red Pill from other communities is that it's result oriented. The Red Pill encourages what works and discourages what doesn't. If someone posted groveling to The Red Pill he will be encouraged to pursue the cocky and funny strategy instead. If a fat guy asked for dating advice, he will be told to stop drinking calories. In contrast, OK Cupid is a feelz before realz enviroment and gives feel good advice regardless of outcome. The fat guy would be told that its what's on the inside that counts and the beta would be complimented on his cat poetry.

In our culture of feel good political correctness the Red Pill is unique. The men of Red Pill are outcome driven, motivated, and have a staggering number of capable professionals among their number. How do I know this? Because over the course of the past month I've done close to 200 fitness and nutritional consultations via Skype. I had the unique opportunity to talk with Red Pill men across the world, deal with timezones, language barriers, and countless metric to imperial conversions. It was fascinating to hear anecdotes, business plans, and relationship strategies from men across the world and to see all the different flavors of alpha. Interestingly enough, I have yet to encounter a single neckbeard. Probably because neckbeards don't gravitate to Stronglifts 5x5 and self improvement.

The Red Pill is more than just a forum for discussing sexual strategy. It is an amazing talent pool waiting to be utilized for any goal you may have, which is exactly what I have done and what I recommend you do as well. As you read this, my Red Pill Bro Scientists are developing a clothing line specifically designed to increase your alpha points by at least 15%. Get excited.

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