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May 27, 2018

Last week Funsize showed up at my door crying.

Apparently, her aunt, who she was quite close to, even lived with for a year, had unexpectedly died. An accident of some kind.

As she proceeded to soak my shirt, I thought about how this is one of the most difficult trials for men who have not had the "red pill". Tears used as a weapon are bad enough for them, but genuine tears can be worse still. Men instinctively know that we are to women as women are to children, and so they feel responsible to do something, but they don't know what.

I knew what to do, of course.

I didn't say anything. I simply held onto her, let her cry, and didn't show any emotion myself (which was easy, because I felt none). After a little while, I gently pried her off me, got up, walked to my closet, and changed my shirt, then resumed my former position. "It was wet.", I said with a half smile.

"But what if I cry again?"

"Then I will eventually run out of shirts."

She began to giggle uncontrollably.

Men who are not in the know will try to cheer women up. This accomplishes nothing; it only focuses them on their grief and makes them more upset. It makes them insecure because it shows your weakness and neediness... you need to make her smile right away. You need to fix things. You regard her emotional upsets as a dark and terrible catastrophe you must "fix", rather than just the child being a child again.

Girls derive emotional comfort from masculine presence and masculine stability, not from flailing attempts to fix things.

Shut up. Be visibly calm. Be visibly patient. Act like it's no big deal.

Girls' emotions are far stronger and more volatile than yours (as anyone who has ever screwed up a post-cycle knows). They are scared of them. What they need from you is for you to be stable and not get sucked into the madness.

After a little while, she asked my permission to fly back to Texas for the funeral, which I gave, and if could accompany her, which I refused.

"Standard travel rules apply."

"Yes, sir."

And that was that.

Control game is the game you play when you can no longer hide your emotional investment, and pretending to would simply appear as weakness.

The first rule of control game is that you must be visibly stable and in control of yourself. That which moves her, must not move you.

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