I've been exercising 6 days a week for the last month (4 days weight training and 2 days cardio on "off" days) and have been losing 2-3 pounds a week.

While this is great I have noticed some things about myself have changed since my early-mid 20s. I don't have the energy I used to have, i exhibit almost every indicator of "low T" (with the exception of developing tits). I am getting older, had gone from 12% to 22% body fat over a period of 18 years, and got weak (body fat now 20% and dropping).

my old job kept me moving and fit but the last 5 years have been easy on my muscles but hard on my body. I know that getting tested for low t is recommended but i wanted to ask here, do low t supplements such as TestroVax Testosterone Booster work? have any of you tried them? are they worth it?

from what I've read its next to impossible to get a doctor to prescribe testosterone to any man who isn't completely bitchmade with estrogen, because of the pussification plans of feminism and the demonization of masculinity, so it seems my options are limited. either go to mexico and get it, or use supplements. any suggestions? advice on which supplement to take? etc any input would be greatly appreciated.

edit: age, pushing 40 and hard. height 5'8" 175lbs. 20% body fat sleep 7-8 hrs a night mostly undisturbed, stress levels low, work from home 0 pressure self employment,

thanks for input all, this was what i needed. going to keep reading and try a few of the more natural ways to boost t, mag/zinc, and of course continue with the exercise and my current diet (with a few changes). next check up is in 2 months, will have my t levels checked then.

EDIT UPDATE: it has been just under 3 weeks since i posted this.

So I have made a few changes to my diet and am having good results. Added about 50g of complex carbs to my keto diet every other day, energy levels increased. Go for my checkup in about 5 weeks but i have made changes to my supplements. in addition to the once daily vitamin crap i have started taking 800mg of magnesium taurate, 50mg zinc, 5000IU of vitamin D3, and 750mg creatine HCL to my daily supplement regimen.

i have noted that i feel much better, more energy throughout the day, sleeping better at night, added more weight to my lifting regimen (creatine + strength gain from lifting), and have been waking up with severe morning wood the last week and a half, along with frequent random involuntary erections (which stopped during the last ltr). I can't say for certain that the vitamins did it, but I suspect that they have helped. I will still have my test checked when i go in for my checkup. also, i've been losing between 2 to 3 pounds per week, the last week that tapered off a bit but I am lifting (muscle weights more than fat) and eating at an only slight caloric deficit.