The amount of attraction you think you need to pull is much less than you think

August 25, 2019

Just a quick thought that's been on my mind lately, but I think a lot of men have a very overblown view of just how much attraction/IOIs you have to get to pull.

You don't need her to suck your face off in the middle of the venue, you don't need her to do your every bidding/have an extremely high amount of compliance to pull. The absolute hottest women will probably not make out with you in front of their friends, it can happen but it's rare.

In reality, if she hold eye contact with you, laughs at what you say, responds well to your physicality: Doesn't pull away if you come closer, claps hands when you high five, responds well to simply hand holding/a quick kiss etc., that is usually enough attraction to pull.

Frying her circuits with rapid-fire party game will do one thing usually: make her forget who you are when you text her the next day. Extremely over the top party game is good, but only when it is congruent to your mood. There is no reason to force it when you aren't in that state of mind.

Only around 20 percent of the things you say/moves you make will be gameish. The rest should be reasonably interesting or humourous communication while moving towards what you want. Like I said before, if she let's you lead, if she responds well to your physicality, and simply smiles/laughs then you are good to go. There should be no inner need on your part to ramp up her attraction to the highest degree. That behaviour is usually uncalled for and will make you look like a try hard to the hottest girls.

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