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The Beta Game

November 6, 2013

The Red Pill focuses, quite a bit (nearly exclusively), on being a man – namely, on being “alpha,” in such a way that’s attractive to women. As a subset of those behaviors, The Red Pill focuses on various “game” techniques, ways of life, etc. that are successful with women. There’s a whole world of detractors out there who constantly condemn The Red Pill, who just don’t see the merit, or even the need for these ideas. Last night, I was up thinking about this, wondering why the huge majority of “normal” men (meaning non-Red-Pill men) not only dismiss Red Pill ideas, but don’t even think there’s a need when 99% of these men have most likely witnessed the broken world of man-woman interactions first hand.

What it boils down to is what girls you attract and why. If you go to bars and clubs every weekend, approach attractive girls (i.e., 9-10), and maintain sexual relationships with quite a few women at one time, you’re actually very unique. Most men – even most “Red Pill men”—aren’t living that life. Most men aren’t a 9-10 Alpha. Most men are a 5-6. Most men don’t go out and pick up women that are a 9-10. They end up with a woman who’s a 5-6, marry her, have kids, and live a normal, boring, henpecked life.

Here’s the thing: there’s this whole “beta game” going on underneath the game focused on by The Red Pill. There’s this entire world of average women who don’t get picked up by the desirable, top 20% of men. They could still get laid each night if they really want to, but they have to settle for a “lesser” man. A confident, good-looking, aggressive Alpha isn’t approaching these girls, because he can bed a 9-10. The only guys giving these women the time of day are “normal” 5-6, beta men. Some of these mediocre women are still entitled bitches who run off normal guys and sit around complaining that all men are shallow pigs for not dating them, but many aren’t – they’re fairly “normal” girls, in that they’re average in terms of looks/desirability and know it. Frankly, most normal women have a low self-esteem. They know they’re not 9-10s, they know the top guys don’t want them, if you hit them with a hard neg, they’d just call you an asshole and leave rather than laughing playfully, and if they saw you flirting with someone else, they’d give up right then and there. A lot of standard game techniques just don’t apply to them, at least not in the same way.

Those normal, average women are the regular target for most normal, average (non-alpha) men. And since for those women, game and alpha traits don’t apply – at least not to the extent they do when approaching a 9-10— and most men can eventually end up in a “normal” relationship with one of these mediocre women, this is likely what leads most normal men to conclude that The Red Pill is a bunch of bullshit made up by internet losers for which there’s no need. They went out and followed the tried and true advice of “just be yourself,” and ended up with a girlfriend, so clearly game and TRP is just something for loser computer nerd virgins to brag about on the internet. In their mind, they didn’t need to be exceptionally manly or use any special techniques to get a girlfriend, and anyone who thinks you need that is stupid. The poor saps just don’t know what they’re in for.

If you’re a normal, non-alpha guy, and you’re approaching a normal, 5-6 girl at a bar, you may very well be one of only a few guys to give this girl the time of day that night. She’s probably been watching a lot of higher-caliber guys hit on her hot friend and getting bored and pissed off, while a small number of inept creeps keep hitting her with beta crap. There’s this sub-game going on, where the coolest of the creeps – “king beta” if you will – ends up beating out the other betas to date the mousy chick the hot guys don’t want. If you tried standard game on her, it wouldn’t work very well. For normal guys meeting normal targets, they might actually have more success if they’re just “being themselves.” They’re not going to get laid that night, but might be able to talk one of these average girls into a date, then into being their girlfriend, then eventually get lucky. Then maybe marry her and live unhappily ever after. Fortunately for the guy, these less attractive, less desired, less slutty girls aren’t as likely to divorce-rape him in the future. Just take his masculinity and happiness away as they rule the marriage. Sure, his wife would leap on the cock of an alpha man in half a second if she could, but odds are that this girl will never have the opportunity to cheat, or if she does, it would be an undesirable beta and not worth the risk to her lifestyle. Many do end up cheating because they grow to hate their nice guy, henpecked husbands so damn much, but many don’t and choose to stay unhappy for the benefit of their man’s paycheck.

But that’s the norm. In the eyes of the large majority of people, both men and women, it seems like The Red Pill and game just don’t apply. Like they’re stupid and there’s no need. Because most people just go out there, be themselves, and end up with a partner who’s a 5 or 6, get married, and be generally unhappy while producing the next generation of unhappy saps.

To an extent, these people may be right. The Red Pill may not be something every man necessarily needs. It’s something that’s really only beneficial for a guy who wants to break the mold. Most people are happy in the mold, or at least convince themselves they are. For a lot of guys, it takes a woman screwing them over royally before they really have enough of a fire under their ass to start seriously considering positive change. Until then, they happily play the beta game.

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