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The Beta Husband

December 5, 2017

This is just a short story of a couple i know and despite having a perfect nuclear family, being a beta will always be the route to failure.

My Background: So i recently moved to a large metropolitan city. I’m in my late 20s and haven’t lived much of a life up until this point. Family commitments and obligations have kept me working in the family business for most of my life. After a short oneitis at 25 and a year of reading TRP, i finally got into a position where i was able to tell my family to fuck off and moved away. Attempting to start my life now, although a bit late. I’m happy i have the opportunity.

My Sister: I moved to this city with no job, connections or skills. My 45 year old HB4 sister lives here with her 50 year old long time Chad boyfriend. Although they both work, she provides a house and is a betabux in a way. She has put him first above everyone including herself for the last 15 years. At the same time she is an outspoken ‘feminist’. In reality she just loves being part of the current culture as its the cool thing to do so she can remain relevant with the kidz.

Fat Girl: My sister hooked me up with a friend of hers who tutors kids. Her friend is fat, but incredibly charming and bubbly. She is a low value race but has an attractive face and is incredibly feminine. These positive behaviours are a way to make up for her lack of aesthetics i imagine. I was going to take a job with her employer through her until i managed to get a more professional and stable job through a (female) friend.

Enter The Beta: Right now my sister is best friends with the fat girl and so i soon got to know her husband and her kids. Her husband is a lovely friendly guy but a complete beta. He has no edge, he’s too polite and boring and way too accommodating. He doesn’t seem to have any hobbies (gave them up to be a dad) and doesn’t have a stable job (he’s not a bux, just a servant). He’s healthy, slim, attractive enough, interesting. They have two healthy happy young kids, a house, strong community and a nuclear family environment.

Although the fat girl is bubbly and charming, this doesn’t come without the price of being incredibly needy and narcissistic. She needs to talk about herself every 5 seconds in some way or she will break down. She doesn’t consider validation from her husband to have any worth, so she seeks drama and excitement from external sources. She views him more like a brother than a husband from what i can see.

Over time this guy proved to be more and more of a doormat. A friend of my sister was coming to visit but my sister had no space in her house. She asked her fat friend if the friend could stay in their spare room and of course the fat friend just says yes to anything, despite not knowing the stranger at all. The husband doesn’t object and i doubt he would have any power if he did object. This got even worse to the point my sister just started used their house as hotel for our family and her friends to come down and stay whenever they wanted. My mother described the husband as “the perfect guy”. I responded to her that “yes he is the perfect doormat who does everything he is told”.

From seeing their facebook profiles, i had a feeling that something is amiss. They've been together longer than 10 years. The husband is happy to be with the fat woman although clearly a bit dead inside. He was happy enough to give up his life work of being a musical director to be a dad. The kids are happy, the nuclear family is intact. But the fat girl noticeably needs excessive external validation and drama because this guy is just not making her life exciting enough, despite providing all the needs of being the ‘perfect’ husband.

Open Relationship: After leaving their house one night, my sister informs me that the fat girl is bisexual and that they have an open relationship where the fat girl can see other women. I am noticeably disgusted by this and my sister backtracks on the story saying “she only goes on dates, she doesn’t have sex with them”. This was the missing factor that tied up the whole arrangement.

Lunch: Over time their life carries on as normal. Two weeks ago i went for lunch with my sister. The fat girl soon joined us. She was excessively friendly but needy as per usual. Most of the lunch was my sister and this girl just chatting absolute shit, as females do. My sister was encouraging her to split up from the husband and to travel the world (despite the fact she has 2 kids) and go have a lesbian relationship like my sisters “other friend who did the same thing” (it’s true). The fat girl says she would love to but she can’t leave [the beta]. She disappointingly says that [the beta] wants her all to himself, despite the fact she still sees other women. My sister insists that the fat girl shouldn’t “miss out” and to “follow her dreams”.

My sister is suggesting things that she would never do herself. She has the luxury of having Chad and getting to simultaneously say “men are pigs” and tell other women to follow their feminist indulgences, while rushing home to make sure that Chads dinner is cooked and served on time. She projects a lot of the behaviours she (foolishly) wishes her Chad would adopt, and doubles down on them to her friends. “Your husband should do [beta behaviour 1] and never accept less than [beta behaviour 2]”. My sister asks my opinion on this, knowing i’m a ‘unhappy misogynist’. I basically say no comment. After the lunch is over i drive the girls back to their houses. My sister says “well if you don’t want to leave [the beta] then maybe i should get [Chad] to show him how to have a bit of an edge”. The fat girl responds with a “no thanks” and both the girls laugh at the betas unending compliance.

It's Over: Two days ago my sister informed me over the phone that the fat girl has left the beta. They had everything she would have wanted in a family, but it was worth nothing because fat girl wasn’t getting her drama fix, her necessary feelz. That drama fix needs to be provided through an alpha male partner in the form of dread, boundaries, and leadership, the same as which my sisters Chad provides.

The guy is apparently incredibly upset, but in reality he is free. He just needs to be aware of this. The fat woman apparently intends to travel the world and the ex husband will likely take care of the kids while she does this.

This is just part of his journey, i hope he finds the way to something he considers worthwhile.

TL;DR Perfect Beta loses wife from natural causes

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