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The Bitch Management Hierarchy study guide.

January 4, 2016

So some dumbass in /r/asktrp just got dumped after playing CaptainSaveAHo, and now Professor Whisper has to call school back into session, because some of y'all haven't done the basic reading.

This is HumanSockPuppet's Bitch Management Heirarchy.

It is not optional. It is required reading.

Understand the four ranks.

  • Level 0: One-Night Stand
  • Level 1: Plate
  • Level 2: Friends with Benefits.
  • Level 3: Significant Other -or- Girlfriend.

Understand the principles of promoting and demoting.

Understand that no sexual act ever leads to promotion. Sexual acts are simply required to keep a woman from getting demoted.

Understand that once a woman has been demoted, she can never be promoted again.

Understand that there is no rank 4. A woman cannot be worthy of marriage, because marriage has been turned into a deal that no human being could possibly be worthy of.

Now we need some additional supplemental material, because apparently, this isn't enough to stop some men from giving women things they haven't earned.

The ranks are distinguished by nature, not just degree, as follows:

  • Rank 0 is the rank of sex.
  • Rank 1 is the rank of repeated contact.
  • Rank 2 is the rank of non-sexual social time.
  • Rank 3 is the rank of emotional investment.

These are what a woman gets by being promoted to each rank.

  • At rank 0, she gets to have sex with you.
  • At rank 1, she gets to see you again.
  • At rank 2, she gets to hang out with you, not just for the purpose of fucking.
  • At rank 3, she gets to be invested in and cared about.

The Bitch Management Hierarchy also has maximum ranks.

There are women who are not worthy of the distinguishing feature of each rank, by virtue of their history. This is distinct from demotion, which is triggered by their behaviour with you... this is about their behaviour ever.

Women who are not worthy of sex (rank 0):

  • Women who do not maintain their bodies in an attractive (to you) state.
  • Women who do not protect themselves and their partners from sexual diseases.

Women who are not worthy of repeated contact (rank 1):

  • Women who do not make any effort to ensure your sexual pleasure (selfish in bed).
  • Women who are controlling or try to police your contact with other women.
  • Women whom you didn't enjoy your first encounter with for any reason having to do with her.
  • Women who withhold sex to try to get promoted.

Women who are not worthy of social time (rank 2):

  • Single mothers.
  • Women who are embarrassing to be seen with (no class, don't know how to act in public, dresses like a slob).
  • Women who are not exclusive to you.

Women who are not worthy of emotional investment (rank 3):

  • Women who have cheated, ever. Even with you.
  • Women who are disobedient, or refuse sex.

This is not an exhaustive list.


Because we're in remedial mode. Like the clueless waif who set me off on this rant, many of you do not value yourselves, and do not value your time and investment. You give it away too cheaply, to the first women who wets your penis or follows your lead.

If you do not value yourself no one else will. And understanding the Bitch Management Hierarchy is the first step on the road to recovery. The key principle is treat her sex as low-value, and your attention as high-value. If you are coming from a position of sexual scarcity, you must vigorously police yourself against the tendency to overvalue sex.

Hard and fast rules will help you do this.


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