tl;dr Nice guy goes Blind Date with a Cheerleader who wants to settle.

Background : I was browsing FB yesterday, I saw someone share a link saying the host of the show Blind Date "Cilla Black" dies age 72. So I found one episode from that show.

Watch here

Video starts with the host introducing the couple.

Delina - 31 - Jobless - Wants a sweet,sensitive and gorgeous guy who wants to settle down.
David - 25 - Broker - Wants a hot girl who is a family person.

Notice how she says, she wants someone (BB) who is happy with her after all the Chads ignored her.
David seems to know what he wants, but acts like a Nice guy.

The whole video, is well analysed with comments popping about what they feel at that moment.
He takes the lead from the beginning and she follows like a moth.I will let u guys watch the video as all the RP Truth can be noticed.

Lessons Learned : Never show that you are BB even though u look like one. Be adventurous and fun. Improve your SMV,even though she was a cheerleader, he was the Flame. Maintain Frame and IDGAF.Overall all RP lessons well put together in one video.

Hope it helps.