Summary: a proposal how to attack feminism

Body: I was watching an excellent documentary called Hjernvask (brainwash) which examines gender issues in Norway, a feminist stronghold.

What is fascinating about the documentary is that it reveals the depth and falsity of the feminist gender-is-purely-a-social-construct dogma. When feminist gender researchers are given evidence of biological differences between men and women, their minds pretty much go blank and they suffer cognitive dissonance.

What this tells us is that the pure-social-construct lie is the central lie that feminist social engineers rely on. It's a lie that is widely accepted, and is the foundation for all campaigns for gender equality - women are the same as men, and the only reason why they are not equal is because patriarchy and penis.

So, my modest proposal is to attack this idea wherever possible. There is a lot of evidence for psychological gender differences, and there is an intuitive understanding among the public at large.

Conclusion; The public at large is oblivious to the social-construct dogma, and the trick is to expose the dogma, ridicule it, and present evidence against it. No-one wants their daughter guided into an solitary role in engineering when she would be happier in a more social role.