The Core of Alpha - 9 Keys To Ultimate Self Improvement

August 28, 2015

Summary: The road to self-actualization is long and brutal. There are 9 keys that are essential to becoming a successful alpha male that is capable of achieving self actualization. The 9 Keys are: Audacity, Assertiveness, Frame, Confidence, Dominance, Freedom, Drive, Consciousness, Peace.


This community is brilliant and dynamic in that it discusses a broad range of topics in great depth, but today I am doing the opposite. I reduced, simplified, and condensed the traits of the alpha male into 9 essential points. The purpose of this post is to serve as an inclusive refresher (or introduction) for the many aspiring alphas. Personally, I've come a long way, but I still have a long way to go. The biggest catalyst in my improvement was writing down the most meaningful ideas from this subreddit/the manosphere and reading them daily. I've since taken many of those ideas and compacted them into this list.

When you lift weights, you can't expect to do a squat here and there and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Similarly, you can't read a few posts about confidence or dealing with women and expect to be some kind of pimp alpha lord. Like lifting, it requires sustained, daily effort to see improvement. You have to read, re-read, and actively apply the principles of TRP for them to become internalized. There are many posts that explain the following concepts in much greater detail; this will help you drill these vital points into your head. These are not quick tricks. It will take a long time to fully embody them.I provided examples for a few concepts to further iterate them, but a few are self-explanatory. I'd suggest trying to focus on one every week (i.e. focus on being assertive one week, focus on holding frame next week, etc)

Without further bullshitting, here they are:

Be Audacious.

Make bold moves. Be out there and seen. Speak up and be heard. Never half-commit. Enter action with 100% boldness or not at all. Society wants you to blend in and follow your social conditioning - doing so is fatal. Challenge the status quo. Take a risk, cross the line. Win big or go down with conviction. Success is impossible without audacity. A fulfilling life is beyond the reach of one who is not audacious. If you don't make an attempt, you have failed. Therefore, making an attempt at something can only reap positive benefits, since if you do not succeed, you'll be in the same place you started but you'll have learned something new. Say "fuck it" and do something legendary.

Example: This article from Danger & Play sums up audacity perfectly.

Be Assertive.

Get exactly what you want. Never ask for permission (always assume the answer is "Yes!") or fear what others may think. Don't do anything to appease others. Fuck them, fuck the rules, you answer to no one. If you wan't something, ask for it or go get it. Only do exactly what is in your explicit self interests. It's your life, you should be living it exactly how you want to.

Be In Frame

Never explain yourself, apologize, make excuses, take shit, or argue with idiots or women. Command respect, call wrongdoers out, and don't take bullshit seriously. It's all a game. Have fun with it. Be witty, absured, irrelevant, what ever you want. Be mindful of everyone's constant shit tests and diffuse them accordingly. Control and be mindful of the frame. How you are treated ultimately depends on how you frame yourself.

Example: Donald Trump. Whether you agree with the guy or not, there's little doubt that there are many lessons to be learned from the man. He has an impenetrable frame. The media throws a constant stream of shit at him but it just bounces right off of him. He could say the stupidest shit but he would stand by it with such iron conviction that it would seem like the word of God.

Be Confident.

Be delusionally overconfident. Accept yourself. Set your ego aside. Stop trying to get validation and attention from others. You don't need to impress them. You are the prize, they should be trying to impress you. If someone doesn't like you, it's their loss and there is probably something wrong with them. Don't change for your environment (i.e. the people around you), make your environment change to accommodate you. Convey positive emotion to those around you. Go over the top. Believe everything you do will work. Believe nothing you do is wrong. You are the greatest. Optimism will take you a long way. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. Visualize yourself at the top of your game, keep your chin up and never let yourself feel defeated. Embrace failure, learn from it, and use it to ascend to overwhelming success.

Example: Ettore Bugatti. Known to be an extremely confident person. You know his name because he created an incredible automobile company. He said, "even before the start, I was sure of winning." If you adopt that same mindset, you will one day be seeing his name on your steering wheel.

Be Dominant

Dominance is expressed covertly, through body language. Always be aware of your body. Head up, chin above horizontal plane, good posture, shoulders back, and take big, wide steps. Act like you own the place and slow the fuck down. No quick, ditzy beta movements. Keep your legs spread wide (not in a gay way), and make sure your balls are never being crushed. Always have open body posture (i.e. don't cross your arms, don't have a concave posture, etc.) Use big, smooth, powerful gestures. Speak with your body. Be compelling and the center of attention. Take up space and have a massive presence. Don't quickly glance, instead, slowly turn your head. Make people move for you. Don't talk over others or try to get their attention. They owe you the respect to shut up and listen. Hold super strong eye contact, and be the last to break it off. Have a very firm handshake. Breathe deeply and deepen your voice. See yourself dominating other men [violence] and women [sex]. Lastly, smirk instead of smiling like an idiot. Or smile like an idiot if you want to. You're the alpha, start calling the shots.

Be Free

Just let go. Be free. Fuck what everyone else thinks. It's not about them. Love you for who you are. Try something new. There are opportunities all around. Take everything the universe has to offer. Don't try to be James Bond to impress people. If you can't make a funny face and do a silly, childish dance in front of other people, it means you care too much about what everyone else thinks. That doesn't mean you should try to look like an idiot, but you should be comfortable enough that you don't care if people think of you as one. All you have to do is survive, the rest is made up. Laugh, have fun, and live life. Don't worry so much about keeping up appearances, its all just a game. If you're not having fun, something is wrong. Why does everyone want to be so dead serious all the time? Life is too short to be taken seriously. Who gives a shit? Everyone else tries to fit in and live normal lives. But you, you just don't give a fuck. You will never be free unless you drop the dead weight that is your ego, be willing to fail, and do exactly what makes you happy.

Be Driven

This is the most important point here. If you possess an unyielding drive, everything else will follow. You must be internally driven; you must have fire in you. If you need motivation, you are doomed to failure. You have to want it so badly that it almost kills you. You're going to sacrifice everything that won't take you where you want to go. You're going to suffer every day pushing yourself to the limit. You're going to fail many times and spend many nights breaking down, screaming and crying. But, you will gladly endure all of that because you know where you're going and therefore you cannot be stopped. "Just DO IT" - Shia LaBeouf

Audacity is taking the risk, drive is what makes it pay off. Determine what you want. Money, love, sex, power, whatever. Pursue it relentlessly. Do whatever you have to. Don't be afraid to introduce some chaos into your life. Destroy your doubts, abandon your fear, let nothing stop you. Seize the day. Cut out the bullshit and energy drains. Do everything with a purpose. Dedicate yourself fully to attaining your self actualization. You know what will take you there. Have a vision, believe in it. Do the work. There are no excuses, no variables. It comes down to you. You will make your own resources and create your own opportunities and luck. If you truly want it, you will have it. Never give up. Persevere. Raise hell. "Be careful what you set your heart upon, for it surely shall be yours"

Examples: Steve Jobs is an excellent example. The guy wore the same clothes every day, drove a beat up little put-put car, and cut all distractions out of his life. This was all so he could focus 100% of his energy on creating something incredible. He failed constantly but quitting was not an option. You know the rest. Simon Sinek has a great ted talk that shifts to discussing how people who have a powerful and definite purpose achieve overwhelming success.

Be Conscious

Walk what Owen Cook refers to as "The Narrow Road." He has a video about how people bounce between states of uncontrollably high energy and pathetically low energy and how neither state is productive. Instead one must walk the "narrow road" by constantly being in an upbeat but productive and focused state.

Most people run on autopilot (unconscious) and just cruise through life. To be successful, one must be conscious and present to the moment. Think critically, constantly engage your mind. Come to definite decisions on everything. Pay attention. Take control of your emotions, do not let the opposite occur. Be wary of outside influences, make sure your thoughts are your own. Find the truth and percieve things for what they really are. Understand why people do what they do... look for intent. Dont accept what is forced down your throat - find the real truth. Society, the government, everyone lies to you. Cut the bullshit. Everyone is just trying to advance their own self interests. Trust no one. Heighten your perspective. Know yourself and your surroundings.

Example: The Red Pill. The most significant focus of TRP is unplugging to become conscious about the true nature of women and the world. As a community, we raise our consciousness by understanding women, power, society, life, and so on.

Be At Peace

It doesn't matter if you have a billion dollars and a bunch of slammin hot girlfriends if you can't look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day. Being in an anxious or beta state is being suppressed. If something is weighing you down, destroy it or accept it. Take whatever may bother you and accept it, laugh at it, smile and move on as a better and stronger man. Enjoy every moment for what it is. No time to worry. Whatever happens happens. Love your fate and accept it. Fight like hell and smile until the bitter end.

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