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The Decline has made us the poorest men in history

October 26, 2015

Prompted by the recent piece by /u/IllimitableMan on how to be happy, the below is an attempt of mine to address the depression phase. The realisation that while you're banging attractive women and have two or three plates spinning... it's not bringing you the inner happiness you wanted. In appreciating where this comes from, it should help get you to acceptance faster than I did.

I recently wrote in a thread about how we as men can no longer afford the luxury of falling in love, of being able to give in to those strong feelings which cause oneitis. From my rooftop, this is my view of the decline.

In order to understand this post you will need to have internalised the differences between

and then from this realised how oneitis is actually useful to nature in the past. There is no one, and it's pretty straightforward to maintain an abundance mentality. But you were designed to fall in love with a woman because if you didn't, then you'd leave her while she was pregnant to go spread your genes elsewhere. The successful strategy for any man who was not a tribal king or warlord (and thus had resources/people under his command to look after many women as he saw fit) would be to stick with the best quality woman who fell pregnant and protect her and his children. Otherwise the effort of passing on your genes would go to waste when the kids get murdered by a new man or barbarians come in and rape and kill her. Civilisation and societal etiquette is the fairly obvious solution to these old problems from stone age tribes. The modern oneitis comes from a persistent spreading of the soulmate myth. The deep loving feelings are the same, but the search was instead altered causing great pain for the modern misinformed man.

Anyway, as society has evolved, women were typically contained within a submissive role. The woman who stepped out of this role would be punished with physical violence. The "rule of thumb" is an excellent example of how this was previously legally enforced within society. So absurd levels of shit testing and frame stealing were legally enforced against, even for the most beta of betas. (The violence served as a deterrent for the women. If you pissed off your husband too much, he would likely beat you.) Please note that this is not an endorsement of violence against women. The sub has been very clear in its position on this. (Do not try to twist my explanation of history into some kind of sick endorsement.)

As a result of this high level of dominance being backed up legally and physically, we saw society develop on the cultural side to develop romanticism. I'm sure you're all familiar with the phrase men are the romantics pretending to pragmatic and women are the pragmatists pretending to be romantic. As we had set up the dominance/submission dynamic between men and women so strongly, men could afford an additional luxury out of the relationship. They could sacrifice a little dominance to enjoy being romantic with women. Any good LTR game will tell you how you need to mix alpha behaviour with a sprinkling of benevolent behaviour in order to achieve a balanced relationship that would not make the woman too insecure. I would count the romanticism of the time as such. So it actually benefitted the ladies and made them a bit happier too.

What we didn't note was that the change in the dynamic when we reformed laws on this, meant that romanticism to some degrees was a luxury that some men could no longer afford. This was when "the abuse" would begin as Girlwriteswhat would put it. I recall she's spoken about relationships in which women will follow their man from room to room constantly berating them, insulting them and putting them down. Telling them they're a worthless piece of shit, and he takes it because he can no longer react violently within legal means (though that didn't stop them sometimes, and why didn't it stop them? Because bullying and berating someone who can't escape is a form of psychological abuse. It's why we hate bullying in society.) That deterrent is no longer in place to prevent shit testing escalating to this kind of level. It presents a danger to men that was not faced by our ancestors. This new danger was the psychological violence women can enact on men with a level of impunity. The scales were reversed. It's no wonder men are not happy anymore.

If we put the marriage and divorce issues to one side for a moment (we already know these are bad deals for men, that's generally accepted here), let's take a quick look at the two major issues for Red Pill men who want to run LTR game. Screening is absolutely essential. The reality is that many women have either damaged themselves psychologically beyond repair and simply make bad long term partners, and others just had the wrong personality to begin with. In addition to this, you've then got the large pool of women who are too boring and/or don't share any common interests with you. Each of these four screening statements rules out a huge majority of modern women from being relationship material. There are probably more, which leaves an absolutely tiny percentage you could develop an LTR with.

We then add to this that the way the legal system now works, combined with the natural hypergamous behaviour of women, the dominant behaviour you display to maintain the balance in a modern relationship will be difficult. Even if you've screened for the right woman, you can never let your guard down. Never. Female love is conditional upon their emotional state. Upon their feelings currently being generated by your value. When that drops, she will be looking to head out the door at the first opportunity and take as much of your resources as she can with her. The reward for dealing with this over the long term will be a companion. You will need to balance your dominant and benevolent behaviours perfectly.

What you can't have is a woman you can fall in love with and develop the associated feelings of oneitis. Once you develop that oneitis, that is the beginning of the end. The emotions take over the rational and the slow decline into trying to please her begins. We've all seen how that story goes. It's all over the Red Pill. The majority of modern marriages tell the same similar tale ending in divorce (and frequently sexual infidelity.) That's before we even think about the disgusting rise in cuckoldry. It's both funny and sad to think about how a man could sell himself out like that. As a slave to a woman. Pathetic. That's an example of the horrifyingly negative power that oneitis can have on the modern man. A man who takes that level of psychological abuse because he loves her. There is no great equality in that. A man must protect himself.

With that in mind, it comes to your options... the only reasonable options all modern men now have:

  • Live with spinning plates and develop no real emotional connection to them. Connect with your male peers and do other things with your life.
  • Attempt to find one of the tiny percentage of rare women who are LTR material and achieve companionship along with a superficial emotional connection.
  • Disconnect from the game altogether and become a MGTOW. Focus on your passions to try and fulfil yourself emotionally.

The option you do not have which previous generations did:

  • Find a good woman to fall in love with, develop a deep emotional connection to her and start a family.

Emotionally, (that force which really drives humanity) we are the poorest generation of men in the entire history of civilisation. The irony is, this generation in the job market now is the first generation in a century in the west to be poorer than their parents. The last time that happened was because of a world war.

Our economic poorness makes an excellent metaphor for the emotional landscape men now see. We now look back at history and see how our grandparents could afford that really nice house and that Ferrari. They worked hard and they earned these things. We now realise that the economy is so bad... that we can work twice as hard and we'll still never earn the Ferrari, and we'll be lucky to get a decent appartment. That is how emotionally poor the modern man is - and there's nothing wrong with being angry or depressed by this realisation. It. is. horrible. With the relationship dynamic so screwed up that a deep emotional connection can no longer be maintained, the women are emotionally poorer too. They're ending up destroying their own relationships and marriages, then ending up alone with cats. This is the decline gentlemen. It's no wonder we're all so miserable with the modern dating market.

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