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The Five Fundamental Pillars of "Game"

May 25, 2018

When someone (such as a dating coach) is teaching you their method what they are really teaching you is their strategy. That strategy works for them for many specific reasons and may or may not work for you due to certain variables that differ between you and them. The strategy for a tall good looking man living in NYC doing day game would not likely work for a short chubby guy living in small town Ohio. What does work, however, are fundamentals. All fundamentals fall into the following five categories:

Emotional Elicitation

These are the five universal fundamental pillars. The better you become in each area the better your results with women will be. Your technical game (your method/strategy) is simply how well you apply these five fundamentals in real time and how well you can calibrate to each specific women.

A simple rundown of the five pillars (I'll make a more in-depth post later) are as follows:

Value can be summed up as "being cool." The cooler you are to a woman the more her attraction for you will grow. Social proof, dressing well, demonstrations of higher value, being a leader, etc.... all these things exist to simply make the girl think to herself "man, this guy is cool as fuck. How do I get him?" Value can be further broken down into two types: Universal and Situational. A man with universal value has it pretty much everywhere he goes. A tall attractive person who dresses well and is rich can go pretty much anywhere and have some baseline value. A champion rock climber has situational value. He will be very popular at indoor rock climbing gyms where everyone knows him and thinks he is awesome but when he leaves and walks into the grocery store down the street no one is going to recognize him. Strive to create both types of value. There is much more to be said about this but it will be left for a follow up post.

Sexualization is simply making a girl feel horny towards you. Physical touching, sexual prizing, teasing/flirting, having a sexual vibe, being physically attractive, etc. This is self explanatory; make a girl feel horny towards you and she will be more likely to feel attraction towards you.

Emotional Elicitation is simply making a women feel a wide range of powerful emotions. Emotional deep diving, shared experiences, being unpredictable, making her have a ton of fun, tantric sex, emotional push-pull, etc.

Investment is how much effort and energy she is putting into the relationship or how hard she is also working to seduce you and win you over. Over the long haul she should be putting in more time, energy, and effort than you.

Dominance is simply being a confident man who knows what you want, goes for it, and doesn't allow any woman's emotional storm to blow you off course. This is one I feel many men get very wrong and often over do it or simply don't do it right. There will eventually be a follow up post.

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White tee and blue jeans is all you need. Keeping it simple shows confidence

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Nice post, I look forward to seeing the more in-depth version. Cheers.

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White tee and blue jeans is all you need. Keeping it simple shows confidence

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