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The Harvard Business Review suddenly discovers that dark triad men experience more career success and satisfaction

November 2, 2015


Summary: Columbia University professor discovers that dark triad men get ahead in life and experience higher job satisfaction. Amazingly, manages to stay on message without using 'patriarchy' but fails to see that women are perfectly Machiavellian in their own right.

The Harvard Business Review has had some great business and career advice articles, but more often than not, articles with a good premise turn into a men-blaming shitfest (example? Why Men Work So Many Hours). No one ever considers the idea that mothers stay away from 60+ hours a week jobs because they get much more fulfillment from taking care of their kids than working an exhausting and useless job.

I also like how no one ever asks the question "Why do we need more women in X?" where X is leadership, STEM, etc. Surely if women provided some additional benefit over men in those fields they would be getting hired in droves. And if women really are just as good as men and deserve to be treated 'equally', why do they need all sorts of special programs, incentives, and benefits to get into STEM fields and corporate leadership? (Is it maybe because they can't compete with men on a level playing field or simply don't like working in those areas?)

Anyway, getting back to the point: the author of the linked article (faculty at Columbia no less) suddenly discovers that DT men experience higher levels of career success and job satisfaction than those who do not exhibit such traits. Key reasons for this are: perceived confidence, ability to push through setbacks, and a combination of seduction and intimidation that enthralls bosses and scares competitors. He links some good studies that are worth reading if you're interested in the psychology of dark triad traits. Naturally, the 'women are wonderful' effect is in full effect and he fails to make any mention of dark triad traits in females.

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