The Hypocrisy of Kevin Powell

November 9, 2015

When Kevin Powell was 21 years old he decided that he was going to master the perfect backhand. Kevin Powell, a man who today makes a living as a feminist speaker and activist, did not practice his backhand on the tennis court. Instead he practiced it on women's faces. Most men know beating women is wrong at a raw instinctual level. Failing that, most men can visualize why attacking women is morally reprehensible. Kevin Powell on the other hand is more of a hands on learner. Little Keven approached life with a try it before you buy it mentality. After trying it on four different women and realizing that hitting them is wrong, Kevin decided to spread this valuable knowledge to men across the country and become a social justice activist.

If a man kills another man he is a murderer. If a man has sex with a goat he is a goat-fucker. If a man beats women he is a woman beater. Seems like a very simple concept. However, when Kevin is confronted with this idea during his interviews, he is quick to point out that it happened a long time ago and that he went to therapy. Now I personally don't know of any conventional therapy that can wash away sin so thoroughly as to make a woman beater into a social justice activist. I would imagine that not hitting women is a prerequisite for being a social justice activist, in the same way that not being a pedophile is a prerequisite for working with children. Even if someone is a former pedophile, you still don't want that shit anywhere near children. Even if it happened a long time ago and even if he went to therapy, Kevin is still a woman beater.

The psychological mechanism by which Kevin Powell came to feminism is fascinating. In his memoir Kevin Powell writes, "During that time frame I assaulted and or threatened four different young women. I was one of those typical American males: hyper-masculine, overly competitive..." This psychological projection is so pure you could put it in a syringe and mainline it. Rather than realizing that he is a fucking shitbag for hitting women, Kevin Powell salvages his ego by shifting the blame onto typical American males. Never mind the fact that typical american males don't threaten women with knives, like Kevin Powell did at Rutgers. In order to come to terms with his past Kevin Powell has to internalize the belief that all young men are evil and need to be reformed. This is a core belief for Kevin one that can never be questioned, because it protects his ego from his past.

It is the extent to which Kevin Powell has internalized this belief that makes him useful to feminists. A core tenant of modern feminism is all men are abusive rapists. Kevin's ability to drag men down into subservience to the feminine imperative makes him so valuable, that feminists are willing forgive him for what he did. Think about that for a second. The feminist mainstream media has forgiven Kevin for assaulting a woman with a knife. The same media that humiliated a NASA engineer over a t-shirt. Why? Because modern feminism is no longer about women. Modern feminism is about promoting authoritarianism and Kevin Powell is an excellent tool.

How is this tool being used? Numerous universities paid Kevin $15,000 to organize mandatory What is Manhood conferences. When a progressive like Kevin Powell asks men to define masculinity the last thing that he wants to hear are classic definitions. He rejects the biblical belief that men should lead their families according to the law of God. He rejects the Stoic masculinity of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He rejects all traditional masculinity that stems from national identity. Kevin Powell rejects thousands of years of wisdom in favor of "a non-rugged manhood that makes room for every kind of man possible including men on the LGBTQ spectrum, where we can be vulnerable, emotionally available, truly free." The problem with that kind of masculinity is that there is human garbage in this world who beat women and threaten them with knives and only rugged men can take out the trash.

There is a concerted effort to grind down the next generation of men into vulnerable obedient little girls. Millions of dollars are being spent to guilt and shame men into passive subservience. The goal is to create men who are weak in mind, body, and spirit. Don't fall victim to that bullshit. Study the classics. Lift heavy weights. Take what you want from this world. Most importantly, when a Kevin Powell opens his mouth, tell him to LGBTQ a fat fucking dick with all of your rugged Red Pill masculinity.

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