The insidious hamstering about the biological clock.

May 26, 2019

I got this piece of propaganda: (sorry, this was posted after I pressed enter, and I still didn't finished editing it)

Points made:

  • Men also have a biological clock. As if men also had menopause, or male fertility dropped as catastrophically as female, or it would justify getting an infertile woman because your own fertility is a notch down. They don't follow the argument to explain why they mention that men have a biological clock, because there is no argument. It is left to the imagination in hopes that it makes women feel better, or men feel worse. In fact, if your own fertility is lower, you have more reason to compensate with a young woman. You do not make it worse trying to make a baby with a woman which is also extremely more infertile.
  • Fertility of a couple at their 20 vs 40's. Purposely confusing the effect of female fertility (the main contributor) with male fertility (almost not relevant) on the 40's couple.
  • Existence of in vitro /technological fixes. As if conceiving a child having gratis sex with a 20 year old were as satisfying as spending a ton on money on machines and doctors.
  • The biological clock is corporations's fault, because they are designed by and for men. Yea, it is always the patriarchy's fault. No justification given about cause and effect. It is just pretending, and blaming. This feels bad -> blame men -> feel better -> actually do nothing to fix your life.

The video, on a totally evil way, finishes by telling women that they should't worry about the biological clock, because is other's people's fault, and that they should keep their careers, to satisfy the feminist dogma, instead of their own happiness.

It shows how they care only about their own agenda, and don't care at all about women's suffering.

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Title The insidious hamstering about the biological clock.
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