The Legal Definition of Rape

August 20, 2013

If you converse with a feminist for a short period of time on any issue of significance she will eventually start talking about rape how bad it is and how every thing is rape.

The problem is most people, feminists included don't actually know what the legal rape standard is so everything they say is moot/nonsense.

Generally speaking rape is the use or threat of physical force, or sex with a person who can not legally consent due to being a minor, being under the influence of drugs, unconscious or mentally incapable of consenting. There have been rape convictions that were struck down in the court of appeals where the victim repeatedly said no but did not physically resist and was not threatened mentally or physically before or during the act.

Basically the dude just pulled her pants down and started fucking her, she didn't do anything to stop it and just moaned no. Then he came on her back. The Pennsylvania court of appeals has ruled this as not rape.

Now im not saying go out and test the legal standard. What I am saying is that if you are going to talk about Rape then you better know what the legal standard is, you cant just make up your own.

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