The Little Things

August 2, 2016

I've seen a healthy debate lately arising about the purpose of TRP. Is it about finding yourself as a man? Is it about chasing women? Maybe both?

I'd like to propose an alternate reason to be happy to have swallowed the pill and to continue chasing Red Pill knowledge.

It's the little things.

One of my good friends is ten years my senior. Approaching 40, unmarried, doesn't want kids. We were talking recently about what makes life worth living. He said "What do I have to live for?" I proposed women. His response: "I've slept with over 100 women in my life. It was fun... I guess. But did it have any real meaning?"

My response: "Maybe. Maybe not. But the reason I keep living is for the perfect moments. The little things."

What little things, corsega?

  • The way she looks at me when I press her against the wall.
  • Returning to my bedroom from the shower and taking in my abs from my full-length mirror.
  • The smirk when a plate flakes and I text my backup.
  • Ripping my shirt off in bed with a new girl and watching the look at her face as she takes my body in.
  • When a girl grabs onto my biceps as I'm fucking her in missionary.
  • Saying outrageous bullshit on Tinder and getting the number anyway.
  • Her face as she convulses from orgasm with my fingers in her.
  • Seducing a woman in a foreign language.
  • People at the gym gawking at my chalk-covered hands as I stumble back from a heavy set of deadlifts.
  • Quieting the weasel and approaching a beautiful woman on the street for the first time, with no knowledge of how the conversation is going to turn out.
  • Doing whatever I want, whenever I want, as my married friends complain about having to go to baby showers with their wives.
  • Reading another success story here about a man who has turned his life around.
  • Post-coital cuddling and quizzing a new girl about why she decided to fuck me.
  • Insisting that I Tinder for her and scrolling through the messages from betas who have talked to her on and off for a week without working up the courage to ask for her number.
  • Going out with friends and developing outcome independence to a point where I'm actually happier if I don't go home with a club slut.
  • Leaning into a plate's ear as I'm inside her and hearing her moan as I whisper: "I'm going to fuck your asshole next."

It's the little things that make me feel alive.

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