The Male Experience

September 11, 2013

Rollo's awesome as usual. Read Up

A few excerpts:

Women become very indignant when trying to understand the male experience. This is due in most part to women’s innate solipsism and their presumption that their experience is the universal one. Part of this presumption is due to social reinforcement, but that social presumption – essentially the equalist presumption – is rooted in women’s base indifference to anything external that doesn’t affect them directly and personally.

This is a great point that I notice every time I argue/debate in other places (such as the purple pill place that ended up a dud). They don't just disagree, they become indignant.

The very idea that men's experience is so vastly different to theirs angers them. They are so angry about it, they wish to see our entire subreddit disappear.

That we've had experiences that lead us to our conclusions boggles their minds. "I'm not like that.. so this guy must be running into bad women with daddy issues, or he's lying."

The purple pill debate sub spent most of their time trying to explain why we're wrong. My main contention was: I don't really care, this was my experience. They couldn't fathom that I could hold my experience higher than their solipsistic statistical analysis.

"Actually, men and women are 99% alike, so there's no difference."

That's a nice stat, ma'am, but it doesn't change anything practical in my life.

So it often comes with a lot shock and indignation (which women instinctively crave) when women are forced, sometimes rudely, to acknowledge that men’s experience doesn’t reflect their own. The reactive response is to force-fit men’s experience into women’s solipsistic interpretations of what it should be according to a feminine-primary perception of what works best for women.

Count the number of times people in other places rebut a red pill argument with the word "should."

"You shouldn't have to do that to keep a happy marriage..."

If hopes and dreams were dollars.

The initial shock (and indignation) is one of interrupting her comfortable, predictable expectations of men in the feminine defined, solipsistic reality she experiences for herself. As even the most rookie of red pill Men will attest, the legitimate female experience rejects this assertion, most times with an amount of hostility. As expected, Men are met with the socially reinforced, prepared responses designed to defend against attempts to question the legitimacy of the primacy of the feminine experience – shaming is often the first recourse, even most passive challenges warrant shaming, but character assassination and disqualifications based upon a feminine primary perspective are the go-to weapons of the solipsistic nature of the feminine mindset (even when men are the ones subscribing to it).

This guy is writing my life story here.

Read the whole thing, it's worth it.

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