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The most important two videos you will ever watch.

March 15, 2015

... are not directly about sexual strategy.

But do you want to not be fat?

Do you want to not date fat chicks?

Do you want your LTR to not get fat?

Do you want to not have fat children?

Then you need to sit through these two three videos, and understand what fat is, and how it happens. Y'all need this... because I was reading this excellent post, and I saw some appalling bro-science in the comments.

So take two hours, out of your whole life, to learn you some real facts that will help you forever.




Now, I could go all GayLubeOil up in this bitch, post pictures of hippos and walruses and fat chicks, and then contrast with one or two of fine women and ripped men. But that's not my style, so I'm just going to give you this instead:


tl;dr: No. Fuck you. This isn't a field report, or rambling story of my personal life. This is dedicated physician who devoted years of his life to wiping out the scourge of the horrible hambeast, condensing all his research down to a pair of lectures. That is the tl;dr. You don't get it condensed further. You do not need to be spoon-fed.

EDIT: added another excellent video from the comments.

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