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The most unattractive trait of all: trying to attract a woman

October 22, 2014

There’s a post today about a very pathetic man. A man who went above and beyond to try to woo a woman. The specifics don’t matter, but since the post was strongly upvoted around here and clearly resonated with a few people, I’ll expound a little bit: Some jerk-off loser got dumped and created an overwrought romantic website to try to get his ex back. Naturally, the entire female internet community pissed all over him and mocked his efforts.

Surely, some women at least recognized and appreciated his effort, but figured that his ex just wasn’t into him, or maybe he just wasn’t their type, right? I mean, any man who makes that kind of effort to woo a woman is worth something, to someone, right? Wrong. Women everywhere pissed all over him. They called him a loser.

These facts don’t matter. You could replace this idiot with any penis-owner, replace his website with any romantic gesture large or small, and replace his ex girlfriend with any female anywhere in the world, and the response of women-at-large would be the same. Pay attention to this part: if you are attempting to romance a woman, you’re a pathetic loser. This isn't just what The Red Pill thinks. It's what women think.

It makes no sense, right? I mean, don’t women want romance? Actually, it makes perfect sense. Let’s explore the reasons why, viewing the universe through the eyes of women:

If you do something with the intention of making a woman like you that’s manipulation in their eyes. Note the italics – to make a woman like you. When you're trying to make her like you, you’re not really romantic, you’re not really nice, you’re just creepy. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually nice, if you’re actually genuine, if you’re actually romantic, and that you weren’t trying to be manipulative at all. If you’re doing something that seems like you’re trying to make a girl like you, you’re a creep. Because trying to win a girl’s affections with your behavior is trying to circumvent nature. You’re trying to turn something thousands upon thousands of years old, inscribed into our genetic code, into a transaction. You’re trying to buy sex or a relationship with romantic gestures and niceness. Women hate that, because if you could influence their emotional state like that, you’d be taking their power away. You don’t choose whether she likes you. She does. And any attempt to influence her decision is subversive and creepy. You’re supposed to “be yourself” and maybe, if you’re really lucky, she’ll pick you if she finds herself naturally attracted to you. Trying to convince her to pick you automatically takes you out of the running, loser. Because trying to convince a woman to want you is what losers who can’t get women the real way do.

The way to make a girl like you is to do the exact opposite. Look like you’re not trying to win her over. Do your own shit, and blow her off to do it. Be too busy for her. Be dismissive of her. Do shit that improves you and benefits your own life. Shit that makes you a better man, who's attractive to women, without actually trying to attract women. Because remember: actually trying to attract women is creepy. It’s manipulative.

Girls don’t even appreciate that you’re trying. The very fact that you are making any effort at all to attract a woman instead of just doing your own shit is controlling. You are trying to control a woman’s emotional state by acting in a manner intended to influence her. They hate that.

That’s why gaming women and PUA tactics and becoming a “Red Pill” man work incredibly well in the real world, but women who read about all of this on the internet hate the hell out of it and call it creepy, rapey, manipulative, and swear that it would never work on a smart woman. Because when they read about game on paper, it’s an action you’re taking to try to attract women. That’s creepy and could never possibly work, because trying to attract women is manipulative and automatically fails. It disgusts them to read about it and they couldn’t possibly be less attracted after reading that text. When they experience an evil Red Pill man in the real world, however, he just seems like an attractive guy who’s different from all of the other creeps who are trying too hard. A confident man who has things going on and doesn’t really care if she fucks him or not. He's totally different from all of those pathetic losers trying to buy sex from her with kindness, complements, and drinks. I guess webpages, too.

Gentlemen: Stop trying to attract women and focus entirely on yourself. I know it seems counter-intuitive. I know some guys around here worry that if they just do their own shit, no woman will ever notice them and they’ll never get laid again. If that’s the case, you’re doing the wrong shit. Quit playing video games and eating Oreos in your mom’s basement while jerking off to porn every day, and start working out, eating right, excelling professionally, and learning skills. It’s hard work, and far less pleasurable than just screwing around all day, but you get a reward. Not women, a real reward. You get to feel like a badass every single day of your life. You get to wake up excited every day, full of energy. You get to love your life, which is far more rewarding than loving a woman. And by the way, women fuck guys like that without them having to do much more than just walking up and saying hi – your wives and girlfriends are fucking guys like that right now.

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