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The number one mistake of married women: marrying a guy to whom they're not attracted

January 26, 2015

We discuss the shortcomings of women and the shortcomings of marriage quite a bit around here, for obvious reasons: Marriage is a one-sided, ass-raping, ball-busting, shitty affair. But the funny thing is, as much as we piss all over women for profiting from the labors of men, whether through marriage or divorce, the huge majority of women don’t do this intentionally. For women, social status is everything. They’re not getting married with the intent of profiting financially (at least not most of them). They’re getting married because the status of being married bolsters them socially. Getting divorced is like publicly admitting that they screwed up and spent years fucking a loser. Few things hurt a woman socially more than fucking a loser. This is part of the reason why society has worked so hard to normalize divorce and glorify women who do it. Because recognizing that women make mistakes is sexist.

But there’s a deeper and far more basic problem behind a woman’s motivations to marry. A lot of women – especially your average, run-of-the-mill, middle class, educated women – make a critical mistake when it comes to marriage. They don’t mean to do it. They’re not being selfish or self-serving when they do. There’s just something they don’t get or understand:

Time and time again, women marry men that they’re not attracted to.

A woman will marry a man that she feels affection toward. But not necessarily attraction. A man that is sweet, kind, thoughtful, funny, intelligent, responsible, has a good job, a good head on his shoulders, a good sense of priorities – a guy she really gets along with and likes. A guy who’s great on paper. But when you get down to it, she’s not attracted to this guy. For all of his good points, her vagina doesn’t become involuntarily moist and tingly at the thought of eagerly and hungrily having sex with him. She likes him, but she’s not attracted to him.

As a woman, she doesn’t know that this matters, because opportunities for sex have always come easily for her. Good sex, bad sex, average sex. Whatever. Sex was always available if she wanted it. She has no idea how important sex is for maintaining a marriage.

In fact, women and men are both taught the opposite. That sex isn’t that big of a deal. That an intellectual and emotional connection is key. That communication is what maintains a relationship and getting along as friends is far more important and rewarding. That focusing on sex is shallow and stupid and nobody should even care about it at all. Nobody seems to understand that you can watch TV and be friends with anybody. Hell, you can have emotional intimacy with anybody. Even other men. But the only person you’re allowed to have sex with is your wife. Sex is the thing that separates your marriage from any other relationship. Not staying up watching TV.

But women buy into the idea that sex isn’t important or special and marry men that they’re not attracted to. They figure maybe the sexual chemistry will come with time. That sex will get more fun, more comfortable, easier. It never does, of course, because once a man actually ties his life to her, he becomes even less attractive. Sex is a chore for her, done infrequently and solely to please her husband. She feels violated and can’t quite explain why, since she’s married to the man. Her husband’s such a great guy, but she’s just not into him in that way. Maybe something’s wrong with her. Maybe something’s wrong with him. Maybe something’s wrong with their marriage.

This is a bad place to be for a woman. She lives with a man who loves her. He does so much for her, every day, out of love. And she knows it. But she doesn’t feel the way she’s supposed to feel about him. She starts to feel really bad about this. Guilty. She hates feeling that way. But he keeps right on doing things for her out of love. She hates the way he makes her feel by doing this. She starts to get bitchy, angry, to lash out. That just makes him try harder.

She doesn’t feel the way she should about her husband, and he continues to try harder and harder. She starts to feel like she owes him. This makes her feel resentment. Like she’s a prostitute. Finally, she gets her wish. After enough resentful lashing out, minimizing everything he is and everything he does, he stops doing so much for her and starts withdrawing. Now, she feels righteous in her resentment since he’s not doing anything for her any more. She still lashes out angrily, but this time with good reason. So now she feels better about herself, which is all that matters.

Her marriage is in the shitter, and then she meets someone else. And for the first time in a long time (maybe even the first time ever), she feels bona fide sexual attraction. Her vagina damn near throbs with anticipation, her heart rate gets faster, she’s giddy and nervous. Sex with the other man is so good and so natural – completely unlike how it is with her husband. These feelings are so intense that she attaches extreme emotional significance to them, not recognizing that they’re really just lust. Lust that she felt instantly for this guy. Lust that she was supposed to feel for her husband before marrying him.

Average women don’t set out to fuck up marriage. They’ve just been sold a false bill of goods. They’ve been told that sex isn’t important, and to marry their friend. To marry a nice guy who’s good on paper. So time and time again, women marry men that they’re not attracted to. And that’s the beginning of marital disaster. A marriage doomed before it starts.

The Red Pill may well be the salvation of marriage in the future, because we know something the rest of the world consciously ignores: Attraction is not magic. It’s not some random spark you either feel or don’t. Attraction can be generated. You can make women want to fuck you.

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