The Only Real Reason for School Shootings

February 16, 2018

You know we see this tired argument trotted out time and time again, each time bringing us no closer to an answer on school shootings.

It's the guns that are at fault! No, mental illness! Clearly parenting is at fault! No, it's video games! Surely something can and should be done!

Of course the problem will never truly be addressed because the nature of our fem-centric society forbids looking behind the curtain and makes the general populace completely blind to the nature of the shootings. To make it worse, the common thread is right there for you to pull but it's all-but-invisible unless you shed your blue-pill conditioning.

It's always curious to me when society as a whole throws up its hands and declares they do not know what causes senseless crimes such as these and pretends there are no common factors or identifiers that can be seen. It's similar to Scott Adam's analogy, that we're watching two different movies on the same screen. They see random acts of violence that have no cause, no trigger, and therefore no way to stop it other than removing freedoms from all citizens, lest any one of us suddenly become as randomly angry as the last guy was. Watching the conversation unfold, it's as though the gun control nuts themselves aren't sure if they might become a school shooter, so the safe bet is to get rid of all guns!

But I digress, this is not a topic about gun control or medicating children. This is about the REAL cause of school shootings.

There is a common identifier that may clue you in to the nature of school shootings. And it's not hard to see. It is done entirely by male students who have been ostracized and have no sense of belonging... and they don't have girlfriends. They are, by all accounts losers.

It should be painfully obvious to anybody here what's happening but I'll spell it out.

Men only go to extremes like this when they are exceptionally desperate. It's the reason why young sexless virgins are easily recruited into terrorist organizations with promises of sex with virgins when they die. It's the reason why you don't see Chad from the football team that gets his knob slobbered on by a different cheerleader each night stocking up on guns to teach other students a lesson.

Why are these boys so upset?

Factor number one is probably poor social skills, perhaps no father figure to teach them. Couple that with some level of autism or physical malady, or maybe just an ugly face. They get shunned by the popular kids and girls, forever hopeless and forever alone.

Of course at that age you don't exactly have a roadmap to direct you where to go. Many of us relied on fathers to explain to us what matters in life and how to navigate social hurdles. But in today's culture of unbridled hypergamy, there are record amounts of public and direct hatred and lack of sympathy for male losers. It's not that women fail to understand the male plight, it's that they openly mock it. Meanwhile mainstream media does its best to delegitimize the actual issues these boys face.

Elliot Rodger comes to mind when looking at the full picture. A sexless autistic kid desperate for female attention but with zero understanding and know-how to make it a reality. So angry he was that the Disney fairytale of "be a nice guy" didn't work that he lamented both the popular kids as well as pick up artists who claim to have the secret, as neither fit into his narrow world-view. Of course, when the evidence doesn't match your belief, some might consider re-examining their beliefs. But you throw in a case of autism, raging hormones, and lack of father figures and you might just have a ticking time bomb on your hands instead.

Gunning to ignore the male plight, the mainstream news painted him as a red-pill misogynist, reporting that he murdered girls because he hated them so much. Of course, the news downplayed the fact that he killed more men than women, or that he did so because of jealousy and rage that they should be so lucky to experience female validation that he so desperately craved. No, this was simply misogyny at play, nothing more, nothing less. No mention that he hated pickup and red pill. He was a member at PUAHate, a site dedicated to disagreeing with us.

The collective response was "no wonder women didn't like him, what a loser!" This was the country, banding together under the banner of the fempire, sticking out their collective tongues and doubling down on their open disgust of males and their stupid vulnerabilities and needs. A response so tone deaf that I'm surprised some women didn't simply load his weapons for him.

Now, at TRP we preach personal responsibility, and I'm absolutely not saying these boys are not at fault for what they do. I'm a strong believer in personal responsibility. But that doesn't mean you can't identify trends. And a trend school shootings have become.

Do mental illnesses play into the outcomes? For sure they do. But you don't see every emotionally disturbed teen shooting up a school. You don't see teens with girlfriends doing so either.

The real reason for school shootings is because boys have been raised as the enemy by a society that hates maleness. These boys never learn how to become men from role models that don't exist, and fathers who have either given up or have legally been told to stay away.

And I don't see this trend of extremism changing until our culture changes its attitude towards men and boys. But the femtrain is a strong force and I don't see it slowing down, so I won't hold my breath. But if anybody wants the real reason to the meaningless murders, you don't have to look any further.

As for prevention, here's an idea- an inoculation against school shootings if you will. Get the cheerleading team together and simply give blowjobs to the losers in your class. Do it once a year, and finally once again at graduation. Though I jest in suggesting this, I would put my life savings on a prediction that student bodies that participated in this would have a 0% school shooting rate. As impossible as this sort of policy would be, it would completely solve the question that all those experts haven't been able to answer.

And it should shed some light on the male condition. Even a blowjob from somebody who barely tolerates your existence, and the promise of a future one would be enough to change the mind of a would-be mass murderer. Hell, downgrade blow job to simply hand holding and I bet you'd get similar results. Fuck- a phone call now and again would probably be it for 90% of these guys.

Hell, a guy in the desert would drink piss.

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