Alright my Red Pill disciples come and feed on the word that is wisdom. Let those who have eyes see and ears hear. O Brave New World its 1984.

The time is now. The ending of the end.

You may have recently heard of a list. A "Black" list. Congratulations. We've been marked, branded, and set a apart. For what?

For reclaiming what has been lost. Our masculinity. This is our great "sin." That we desire to be men. To have a place to discuss as men with men about masculinity. We do this objectively, critically, and logically in a lens defined as the Red Pill. A lens that is more than just a medium in which the eye may gaze through but as an eye that we have "swallowed." An eye of the times. We may use this eye towards sexual success and I am all for that. We are human and sex is natural. However in the feminine imperative sex is a tool used to enslave men towards ideologies, lifestyles, and programming that we have seen that on a micro level is not in our best interest and even on a macro level may not be in the best interest of our cultures, societies, and countries.

This is where we come from. A life of blue pill indoctrination and conditioning. A life of slavery in mental chains.

Don't ever take for granted the Red Pill and this community and don't be so naive as to assume it will last forever.

The Red Pill has literally saved my life. The information available here has the power to literally save lives and I know there are others here testament to that. Because we've put in the work. We've applied the sidebar. We've BECOME RP men. And we've lived the results. We are a living breathing testament to the fact that gender is NOT a social or cultural construct but a natural biological one and that human males and females are NOT compatible unless they cultivate their natural biological imperatives. ( A masculine man is a alpha male and a feminized man is a beta male and a feminine woman is a alpha female and a masculine woman is a beta female).

You cannot negotiate desire. This is why the beta always loses and we have created a scientific community that actually understands and systematically categorizes these RP truths into phrases like Alphafux/betabux. It works.

How you decide to live in light of these truths is up to you. However, we should not be ostracized because we indeed discuss about these issues. The real issue is that we are correct amongst the times and that is the problem. Because we are revealing how much a feminine imperative cannot sustain itself culturally, socially, economically and on all levels. Patriarchy got us to today. Matriarchy is destroying the now and therefore potentially destroying the outcome of the future. Women aren't happy in feminized society now more than ever and men are checking out. It's a sexual exodus. This is no surprise to us. However others would have the masses remain blind for whatever reason.

Essentially we work not because we are hateful misogynistic neck beards that manipulate women into sleeping with them.


We work because we see the truth as it is and deal with it as it is. That's what men do. Adapt. Survive. Thrive. And what truth? The truth that A is A and B is B.

Men are men. Women are women. We are sexual creatures that are different biologically and have different biological inclinations towards attraction of the opposite sex. You can't get around that fact.

I am not an egalitarian. I am a complimentarian. Saying men and women are equal is a disservice to humanity. Understanding men as masculine and women as feminine and that each has inherent strengths and weaknesses but together they are a compliment that strengthens the whole. That's a human imperative in my book.

That's the problem. We are right. That's why we keep growing in numbers. That's why I swallowed the Red Pill. That's why you did too.

So fuck em.

I'm on the black list and if you're on the black list embrace it.

Be a Black Knight not in that you are stained inwardly but outwardly you must bear a dark armor to protect the purity within.

Of course they will hate us, they will claim we are what we aren't, we will be wronged for nothing more than embracing truth in a world that is so deceived and disillusioned.

At work, at school, with your plates, dates, ltrs, and mates. Wherever it is. Walk as a Black Knight. A part of an order that is not dark in essence but by denial of our light. Do not forget your knight hood code. That you are not a slave following a script that he has been conditioned to follow through out his "life."

That you are a man who swallowed the Red Pill. A self actualized man harnessing and cultivating your masculinity daily and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Their are others on that list remember. You are actually one of the few people on earth who is free. That's the real issue here. That's why this site will come down. Because you can think for yourself and break the mental chains that have directed you for most of your life.

When it does come down do not forget that your brothers in arms are also out there. You know me as AlphaJesus but I'm just a man with a name in the real world. A dude who walks around with purpose. In an armor most others don't wear. An armor of confidence, charisma, charm that I cultivated and forged on many a battlefield. My weapons are lifting, Machiavellism, narcissism, powertalk, social proof and on and on. I am trained in the art of social and sexual warfare. Not because I want to but because I must. The times have changed and that's just the way it is.

That's why our armor is dark. Thats why we are Black Knights. Free agents upholding our moral Red Pill codes in an armor adapted to the times. An armor as dark as the hearts and ideologies of our opponents so that we can actually compete at THEIR level and not ours.

I fear not being on that black list more than I do being on it. The real black list is the people who aren't on it. The people still in their pods. Fuck that man.

The Red Pill is a light in a dark world. However others will extinguish you for that very light. Protect it in an armor so "black" by the worlds standards of "light" so that you can fight.

Be a Black Knight. Join the Brotherhood. Embrace it.