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The pre-fuck conversation is one big autism screening test

December 15, 2016

The path to getting laid is actually pretty simple when you break it down into its fundamental parts.

1- Look hot. Get yourself some muscles, dress well, have awesome hair. That way, you don’t get shooed away two seconds after walking up.

2- Escalate. Actually say flirtatious things and touch her and gauge her response instead of sitting there chatting like one of her girlfriends.

3- Don’t say loser shit. Loser shit includes being socially awkward, investing in her too much or too early, not having anything interesting to say, and so on.

That’s it. That is how you get laid. Be hot, escalate, don’t be socially awkward.

1 is easy. Well, actually it’s hard work, but there is a very clear and very well-defined path to success for #1. If you eat right, work out, groom, and wear clothes that fit, it’s pretty much impossible to not be good-looking enough to get laid. Unless you’re a grotesque burn victim, 4’6” tall, obviously handicapped in some way, or the like. There is no mystery about how to be better looking. None. Just do the work.

2 is harder, but still easy. You just have to have balls. You have to say and do things that the old you would have been afraid to say and do out of fear of rejection. You have to actually look women in the eye, say things that guys who fuck women say, and touch her, then see what she does. Maybe she rejects you, but that’s why there are 3,499,999,999 more women out there. The first time is hard, but once you just start doing this, it gets easy.

3 is the tough one. A lot of men out there are socially retarded. They say stupid shit to women and think it’s the right shit to say. The reason for this is actually very fundamental: Most men do not understand the purpose of the pre-fuck conversation with a woman.

So many guys approach girls with the best of intentions, then start talking and talking, trying to find some kind of common ground with the woman. Something to talk about. To make a friendly connection. To try to establish some kind of emotional intimacy. To actually chat with her, like you might with your friends. They think that this makes a woman comfortable with them, makes her like them, and makes her more willing to go home and fuck them. And that seems pretty logical, because we’ve spent our whole lives thinking women are supposed to want emotional intimacy before having sex, and women have spent their whole lives convincing themselves that emotional intimacy precedes sex. And it sure would make sense if emotional intimacy preceded sex.

But the huge majority of the time, this type of approach leads to the man thinking he’s hit it off with a girl, but the girl just wanting to be friends. Maybe she gives him her number, but then never responds to his follow-up text or flakes on their next date.

The man failed the test because he didn’t understand the purpose of the test. The pre-fuck conversation is not an attempt to make friends with the woman or establish emotional intimacy. That comes after you’ve been fucking her for awhile. Sex is a prerequisite to love, not the other way around.

The entire point of the pre-fuck conversation is to screen for autism, mental illness, under-confidence, and other sources of poor social skills. The pre-fuck conversation is your chance to flex your social muscles and demonstrate your social fitness. This is exactly the same way that your actual muscles demonstrate your physical fitness. A woman does not want to fuck a socially weak man, so she needs to screen men that pass the appearance test for social fitness. The last thing her subconscious wants is for her to go home with a hot guy, then find out that he’s weird and socially awkward and she might be pregnant with autistic loser genes.

Don’t treat the pre-fuck conversation as a friendly chat, because it isn’t. The pre-fuck conversation is how you present your social fitness, just like your gym body and clothes present your physical fitness. Most game aficionados will tell you that a pre-fuck interaction with a girl is night-and-day different than a normal conversation, because you’re not having a conversation. You’re exchanging demonstrations of social aptitude.

It is deceptive and offensive to women when you chat with them and try to make a friendly connection, then surprise! You actually wanted to fuck. Don’t talk with women like one of their girlfriends unless you actually want to be friends. It’s disrespectful. Respect women enough to actually try to fuck them.

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