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The Principle of "Why?"

April 21, 2015

Even OP thought that this: http://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/33cj3s/i_know_this_idiocy_is_common_place_and_this_is/ was just a rant post, but as is often the case, the little annoying things in life, if examined carefully, can provide us with greater understanding.

If you read the link (or even just skim it), you will see the typical pattern of a woman's selfish behaviour being excused or explained away.

What's interesting is how the quoted poster does so.

You see, people always ask "why" about behaviours they wish to excuse, in a moral sense. If a cause can be found, or even, in this case, assumed to exist, then the the behaviour isn't "vile" it's merely "cause and effect". Often people will go through multiple layers of "why" until they reach the behaviour or person they wish to morally condemn, at which point they abruptly stop.

Thus you can always tell where someone's sympathies lie, simply by watching which explanations they look for.

So how to be objective? Simple... don't stop asking "why?". This is why TRP as an intellectual tradition is explicitly amoral. Because when moral evaluations start, understanding stops.

Why do women blow up their marriages and abandon their children to do drugs and screw random dudes? Whatever you think of the behaviour, there is a reason. In this case, it is probably lack of a strong father figure early in life, who would have taught her to distinguish pleasure from happiness. Why was has absent? Because of the changing nature of marriage, skyrocketing divorce rates, and the emasculation of men who remain married. Why that? Feminism invading the cultural zeitgeist? Why feminism?

And so on.

  1. Watch when people stop asking why, and you will know the conclusion they want to reach.

  2. Watch when you stop asking why... and make yourself continue.

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