The red pill are a bunch of bigots who can't get laid.

March 20, 2015

They're all virgin neckbeards. Couldn't get laid to save their lives.

I consider it somewhat ironic on a meta level, that the people saying this don't themselves see the irony.

Recently we were deemed the most bigoted subreddit on this site. And of course the usual insults began to fly. We are, as everybody knows, just a bunch of sexless, angry, nobodies.

I'm hoping I've caught the attention of at least a few new people taking a peek to see what we're about. You're probably hoping to find evidence to support the popular opinion- that we should be chided or ignored.

The reason we are here and the reason we don't care about the insults are one in the same: Because joining the red pill did not start the insults, instead the insults started the red pill.

The irony sorely lost on the masses is in the call for equality, anti-bigotry, and whatever other causes your average social justice warrior stands up for. The public has doubled down and taken up the very weapons they decry. Shame and scorn against those they disagree with. Sexual shame in retribution for valuing sex. Smooth.

They say that we're wrong in our assessments, and then revoke our manhoods by commenting on our inability to get sex.

But they've got the order of operations down wrong.

I'm not going to deny that we have had trouble with sex. That is the common thread that brings us here. Using sexlessness to dismiss us is precisely the behavior that brought men here to begin with. We were sexless. Our views and perspectives, our so-called "bigotry" did not lead us to a sexless life so you can conveniently dismiss our views. Instead, our sexless lives lead us to adopt these views as a last ditch effort to reach sexual success. And most of us stayed here when we realized it was effective.

But life isn't all about sex! You guys are obsessed!


I think it's pretty safe to say that most women don't really understand to what degree sex matters in the average man's life. He finds more than a physical release, he finds belonging and acceptance in sex. Sex for a man is knowing you are wanted. The fact is, for most of our lives, we've come to accept that we are not sexually desirable to most (or all) women. Our advances left us crushed and depressed, were treated as creepy or worse than murder. Our relationships left us broken or broke. Our marriages crumbled. If you listen to pop culture, and believe everybody finds their special somebody, then we must have been the outcasts.

The fact that commenting on our lack of sexual success is inherent in all public dismissal of us (virgin neckbeards) should help put this into perspective- even the feminists and social justice warriors of the world denouncing sex as that important have made our manhoods (and therefore rights to have or speak an opinion at all) entirely dependent on our access to sex. Why would being a virgin or a neckbeard matter, unless sex truly does matter to our manhoods?

I don't really buy the rationale that it does matter to be a man. But I do recognize that sex will still be important to men nevertheless. And so here I support such a hypothesis, and behold, 102,000 men in two years have flocked. You can dismiss us, our views, and theories. But you cannot dismiss the common need and problem that brought us together.

I want to back up a little bit, and address the idea that we're social outcasts.

Now, you'd think, every gender and every group has their outcasts. Looking back at highschool, there were always those fringe groups that didn't quite get along. Some banded together in their unpopularity and played dungeons and dragons or wore funny looking clothing. So what's the red pill? Just a group of pimply-faced nerds who never learned to talk to women?

That's the problem here- the reason for our corner of the internet. It affects more than just the pimply-faced nerds, more than the short guys, more than the fat, the skinny, or the ugly.

The changes to inter-gender relations over the past 30 years have started to affect all of us.

You can see it in the declining marriage rates, in the studies that show dissatisfaction among both genders in relationships, the sky-high divorce rates, and the endless stories of custody battles and alimony cases. The school shootings and the male suicide rate, the gamer scandals, and presidential campaigns. The declining rate of male college graduates and the women who don't care. The single mothers, and the children who hate men.

We're not the sexless virgins. We're not the neckbeards.

We're fathers, firefighters, pilots, drivers, teachers, engineers, students, bankers, and entrepreneurs who are tall, skinny, fit, fat, good-looking, ugly, old, young, happy, angry, sad, depressed, and everything in between.

And we've all been affected by the changing environment.

And none of us found compassion, belonging, or empathy in the very system that gave us this shared experience.

Maybe we are bigots, maybe we hate women. Maybe we aren't, and maybe we don't. It's entirely superfluous to the point of why we're here. Attacking these points does not dismiss our existence, nor does it address it.

It's up to you how you're going to deal with this information.

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