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November 4, 2017

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Everything that currently needs to be said about TRP, I feel, has already been said, so lets go back to the basics. Perfect way to start the new year, by getting back to the basics. This cheat sheet doesn't cover everything, it's a summary.

** This is a synopsis. Also, posting this on my main instead of a throwaway.**

This post is meant to be read IN ADDITION to the side bar.



This post is intended to serve as a quick sheet to many red pill topics and struggles, and to help those looking for quick guidance/information.

The information in this post has been gathered from The Side bar, the Red Pill Handbook, Stickied & Top All Times, Endorsed Contributors, various manosphere websites, or myself, and then summed up in a sentence or five for quicker referencing.

This post assumes you are familiar with Red Pill terminology, and have at least moderate success with your life and with women

This post comes from a position of amorality. Moral friends and concern trolls, im not interested!

This post was written by a on stage performing plate spinner.

Think of this post as a compilation of flash cards.

If you have your own additions to these topics feel free to add them

Your tools in the SMP

There are many ways to become attractive. Different girls are attracted to different aspects to varying degrees, but remember AWALT

You do not need all sexual market points to be attractive, but having them all will of course raise your SMV.

Choose to focus on the ones you excel at the most. Old TRP Saying -> Play to your strengths minimize weaknesses

Listed in no particular order

  • Your Masculinity. Your most valuable AF asset. This is expressed through a deep, low, slow, and commanding voice. Or by your Tonality. breaking rapport tone. Not asking questions. downward/commanding/challenging tonality.

  • Dangerous Vibe. A masculine factor. You are unpredictable, mysterious, you take calculated risks. You are bold. You live life on the edge. You pin her down, you wrestle and play fight with your girl. You choke her. You threaten her. (If you don't know how to threaten in a seductive manner just don't try it - that method is not for you.)

  • Playfulness. Balanced with danger. Playful and relaxed. Strongest after the hint of danger and threat. Masculine polarity is more important, but a little playful can work wonders.

  • High confidence. Self love and self acceptance without justifying your life choices to others translates into confidence and true IDGAF attitude. This includes acceptance of rejection, and the ability to hear out nay-sayers, laugh at them, and then continue on your merry way. <--- The first easiest way to get laid.

  • Detachment. The Buddhist principal of emotional detachment. Stoicism. Acceptance of the good and bad as is - both factors of life. Being non-needy. Not looking for ANY validation in any way shape or form from her. You escalate, but you have zero interest in her words, reassurances, respect, etc.

  • Muscularity/Fitness. Being healthy and looking sexy makes you sexy - Period. <-- The 2nd easiest way to get laid.

  • Fashion Sense. Being well dressed with clothes that fit you and suit your style without being improperly dressed and awkwardly standing out.

  • Mental and Social Wit. Being skilled with words, navigating social situations, properly triggering panty dripping, and proper physical escalation. Knowing the right thing to say, with the right tone, at the right time, combined with the right kino touch. You don't have to be muscular to be sexy and turn women on.

  • Status. Being popular, being rich and having extraordinary social standing. This is what we call social circle game. The more friends and colleges you have = more social proof = more opportunities = more fun = more sex.

  • Talent. (Talent does not help your SMV unless you have garnered success from your talent.) Have hobbies & passions for yourself but find ways to monetize / expose the world to your talent and have them appreciate it. Having talent simply for the sake of is altruistic foolishness. Look to get ahead. Having success skill/potential in athletic/artistic pursuits. Being a successful and skilled fighter, painter, soccer player, writer, bowler, skater, and more. What matters is not what you do, but that you are a champion of your pursuit. Steven king can get laid by hot intellectual woman for his success in writing in the same way VirtruivanPhysique can get laid by hot party girls for his physical superiority.

  • The ability to lead. Women want to fuck the king, but settle for the peasants.

  • Social Media. High numbers = instant social proof.

  • Your ego. Your ego is who you believe you are. Your beliefs are your mask you show to the world. The mask you wear determines your allies and enemies, and lovers. Are you a pushover beta? Are you a rouge criminal? Are you a reckless biker? Are you a man's man lumberjack? Are you an urban hipster? Maybe you're a Hippy psychedelic person? Are you a creative artist? Are you an intellectual? Are you a gym fanatic? Are you an entrepreneur? Too cool for school? Edgy gothic? Preppy? The list goes on and on - there are an infinite number of egos one may have. Hence the term - alter ego. If you are of the group that lacks morality, you gain more freedom from in this aspect. Law # 48 -> assume formlessness.

If you learn how to disassociate yourself from your ego you have given yourself one of the ultimate freedoms in this life. I think therefore I am.

You can change your desired ego at any time.

A drastic way to change your ego (force yourself into a paradigm shift) is with ego death.

I.e. just cus you're an intellectual doesnt mean you can't thrive in a loud frat party, as long as you know how to craft your ego. Just because you are a loud party frat boy doesnt mean you can't fit in with the business people.

BEWARE YOUR EGO!! My ego has gotten me into so much shit... got robbed at gunpoint for 300$ cus of my fucking ego lol. Keep it in check and use it FOR you not against you.

How to beat LMR

The first two are my personally favorites and have worked for me in anecdotal experience. The last two are do or die methods that could result in her just leaving the house (happened to me.) Make your first two you go-to's and Use the last two with caution.

Also think of this like a ladder where you go from step 1 to step 2...

Ideally you want to get a girl to have sex with you as soon as you say to, but if that doesnt work... then:

  • Stop, talk, than resexualize. The 2 forward 1 back method/push and pull method. Give it about 4-8 tries.

  • Stop and do something else. Pretend that she is not even there. Turn around and go to sleep or go read a book or something. Just withdraw attention completely

  • The verbal nuke. Tell her that she makes you horny and go for the fuck. If she pushes you back, stop.

  • The MOAB. Wait a few minutes after her final rejection. Then, put on your clothes, ask her to put on her clothes calmly, because you're gonna walk her to the door cus you got a busy day tomorrow. If she leaves, well you were never gonna fuck her. If she fucks you, well there you go.

How to qualify your prospective plate/ltr

The Ly Star of Attraction.

  • Does she mentally stimulate me? (Personality, intelligence, wit, feminine [or masculine if you're a feminine dude] mental state.)

  • Is she physically appealing? (Feminine face, feminine or womanly bodily features [feminine = small, womanly = thick/tonned] over all good looking / healthy. 1-10 scale)

  • Is she sexually stimulating? (A hot sexy ass. That plump and thick round kind is my favorite. > < Big not not too big tittties, dick sucking lips, and she has sexual skills / stamina. She is a slut in bed. She knows how to ride. I.E. is not a starfish. She is of my personal "type" or preference. Tan/gold/caramel girls are more sexy than white girls to me. 1-10 scale.)

  • Does she stimulate me spiritually? (Does she give the illusion of a higher connection? Does she give my soul romantic experiences? Am I able to feel a divine, pair bonded connection to her? [No this is not some oneitis disney movie bullshit] Does she value art, creativity, meditation, and nature?)

  • Is she emotionally stimulating to me? (She shows me happiness, sadness, horniness, shyness, anger, frustration. She lets me appreciate all aspects of her human emotions and doesnt hide herself.)

  • Is she in a good situation financially? (Will she be dependent on my money? Will she try to goad me into Beta bux? Is she able to cover her own fairs? Is her wealth surplus to the point of buying me gifts?)

  • Is she careerly set? does she have a good career? Will she support mine? This is different from financial.

  • Is she socially savvy? Does she have her own circle of friends, or would I be the centre of her attention? Who are her friends? Are they good people?

  • Is her family happy and healthy? Does she come from a loving, sane home? Is the father in the picture? Is he respected?

How to succeed in the SMP's of Highschool and College

These tips are best applied for to girls between the ages of 16 - 25. This is my favorite age group - low desire for commitment, high likelihood of coitus. Even when I am 40 I will still find and bang 20 year olds. Haters get mad.

  • START CLUBS + INTEREST GROUPS <----- easily most important and easiest way to get laid. Build social circles where you're the valuable leader. I've done this personally, and got a lot of guy friends, major popularity, and fucked 2 girls as a direct result from it.

  • Join clubs and interest groups, peform on stage if you can. <----- also got me popular and laid (i recited poetry on stage, u can be a nerd and still get cute poon.)

  • These girls are not women. They are girls. While AWALT generally applies, they are 90% looking for fun, adventure and experience rather than stability.

  • Expect and embrace drama. Read the sidebar and become a shit-test expert and you will increase your chances of laying young bimbos substantially.

  • Make the girls feel emotional. Not make them feel good, make them feel emotional. That means happy, sad, sexy, plain, excited, disheartened, calm, anxious - anything but letting them not be emotional. Lack of emotions = boredom = no tingles.

  • Sell drugs, be a gang member, get into fights etc.

  • Young girls think in general consensus. Win the majority to win the minority.

  • They don't care what you do and what your hobbies are AS LONG AS YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE AND POPULAR!! Awkward, skinny neckbeard collecting action figures with his 4chan is weird and creepy. Fit and well shaven charismatic dude friends with hot females and high SMV males collecting action figures is "so nerdy and cute <3 ;3 " Jacked gym-bro with no social awareness or social life is a compensating weirdo creep. Jacked gym bro getting hit up 1000 times a day is Adonis.

The principals of secrecy and moderation

Followers of the Gumby prophecy believe life is about balance. We all have vices, no one is perfect 100% of the time, nor should you be. We are human - we aren't meant to be perfect.

Imbalance creates unhappiness.

  • Drink a couple brews and get buzzed - don't get shit faced every day.

  • Smoke weed once and a while if you like - don't advertise it to the world. You will be labeled.

  • Go to the gym 5 times a week - Don't lift for 7 hours a day.

  • Go out and approach women - don't spend every waking minute approaching.

  • Go snowboarding every day - don't let that be your only hobby.

  • Invest in your business - don't turn every single interaction into a business transaction. (Unless you're an annoying scum bag pyramid schemer.)

Work hard, play hard.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

There is a reason why these quotes exist.


Do not be an open book. Be vague in your intentions, but open enough not to draw suspicion.

  • You want to get a promotion. No one needs to know that, only that you want to start taking your job a little more seriously.

  • You want to fuck a fat girl for practice. No one needs to know that, only that "you got laid the other night. It was okay."

If anything, lying to exaggerate yourself and value is more beneficial than telling the truth. If you are a moral-friend, use secrecy.

How to make a woman lose attraction for you.

  • Communicate verbally with a woman. They lie about themselves and assume you are doing the same. They cannot act/feel on the basis of anything verbally communicated. If she steps out of line say "don't do that". But don't sit down and communicate to her - it will weaken your position and strengthen hers. She will act on absolutely nothing that has been discussed even when she swears on her grandmother she won't (or will) do whatever the problem is. The only exception is putting her in her place when she does something not to your satisfaction.

  • Confide and share your problems with a woman. Weakness = loss of attraction.

  • Commit too much too early. Commitment kills passion.

  • Give her a sexual monopoly. Oneitis is your enemy. Do not commit to one girl - they don't appreciate it and you will start to backslide into betahood the second you feel you don't have the options you did. Cure oneitis by exploring other options.

Identifying Your Enemies

The more you succeed in life the more you will attract the hated and envy of the mediocre, or the opposition of the successful who want to maintain their monopoly. Find allies to combat your enemies. Preferably, be a leader who finds underlings just under your level, so that you are always their idol, and you serve as their guide. This is the concept of tribe building.

Eliminate your enemies from your life as quickly as possible. This is a law of power. Do not hang out with the miserable or the unlucky.

You stand either by my side, in my legion, or in my fucking way.

Recognizing your enemies

  • The Naysayer. They are easily identifiable, simply share your intentions with someone. If they react by telling you what you can/cannot do, they are a naysayer. Identify the type of naysaying that they are acting upon, as there are many different types, the insecure and envious failure, and the well meaning.

  • The Insecure Naysayer: This person is reminded of their own failures through your successes and ambitions. They are merely weak-willed scums who project their own limitations onto you and should be disregarded as the losers they are.

Example: You want to become one of the best roller bladers in the world. Your insecure naysayer acquaintance has been practicing skating for 3 years. In 1 month you already show more promise.

Insecure naysayer: "What? You think you're gonna be the next Brian Aragon or Tony Hawk? Come on dude be realistic. There is a 99% chance no matter how much you practice you will never be that good."

  • The Well Meaning Naysayer: This person believes they have your best interests in mind. Only you have your best interests in mind, remember that. Know thyself. Be aware of the well meaning nay sayer's advice, for sometimes it is beneficial to you to heed their warnings.

Example: You want to become a famous battle rapper. Your well meaning naysayer brother believes you won't get famous and even if you do the risk is not worth the reward.

Well meaning Naysayer: "What? You wanna be a famous battle rapper? There's like a 1 in a million chance of you blowing up like that bro, there are better things for you to invest your time in to become successful, like lifting. Besides, you will be surrounded by low life thugs who will probably shoot you if you roast them too hard."

Recognizing your enemies

  • The Underminer. They are easily identifiable, simply share a piece of your life with them and listen to their words. They will try to make you believe that you are worthless because your success in your interpretation of the world angers them and contradicts their failed world model. Undermining is personal. Refutation is for your benefit. Learn the difference.

Example: You share the fact that you published your first novel with a meat head acquaintance of yours. Your meat head friend has been lifting for years, but still struggles to get with those fit and sexy gym girls. You, on the other hand, get quite the attention from your liberal art intellectual groupies who hear about your publishing success and want to suck your cock.

The underminer: "Lol you're a writer? You're such a fucking faggot. You and all other artist/creative types are the most disposable scums in our society. Please bro, just kill yourself because you and your hobbies are gay."

The refuter: "Oh you're a writer? Are you actually a good one or did you publish a steaming pile of shit? Matter of fact let me read your book and be the judge of that."

How to maintain an attractive frame:

  • Genuinely believe you and your ways are superior to everyone else, without making others feel worthless. You can be arrogant without making others feel like shit. (If they choose to feel offended by you that is their own problem. I am referring to deliberate malicious behaviors towards those you consider under you.)

  • Hear what your haters say, nod, smile, laugh at them, then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyways.

  • Realize the majority of people are complacent and mediocre, and their "advice" is there way of bringing you back into the crab bucket. This realization will free your mind of shame & fear of judgement.

  • Reject their reality and substitute your own.

  • Think of yourself as a God Sun, and people are planets and comets that orbit you. Planets are the people you love and who support you throughout your life. Comets are people who come and go. If they don't want to orbit you anymore, let them lose the benefit of your radiating warmth. Let them freeze in the cold abyss of space.

  • Understand that people speak from a position of perceptive interpretation. That means your opinions and values will differ from others. Do not feel bad if an artist type thinks you are a loser cus you lift and play sports. Do not feel bad if a gym bro thinks you are a loser because you like to paint and write.

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