The Red Pill Has Too Much Respect For Women

June 27, 2018

I don't know if you've ever personally used a German toilet. But I have. I was flying to Russia with a layover in Frankfurt. I drank some coffee. Had to take a shit.

What made this shit different from every other shit is that it was performed in a German toilet. You see the difference between a German toilet and pretty much every other toilet is that a German toilet has a dry porcelain poop shelf.

So when you take a shit in a German toilet it falls on a dry poop shelf and is shown to you the creator on a pedestal, in a proud German way. Then you can examine your shit. Maybe even shit post about your shit in a special German shit notebook which you can discuss with Hanz, Franz and Luther.

The point of this metaphor is that women are the feces and you’re Gunther Scheisse-Denker. Traditionally speaking men are supposed to shit in a hole, bury it and move on with their lives. Maybe if the shit was uncomfortable vow to eat more vegetables. Obsessing about feces isn't normal or healthy and most importantly is a colossal waste of the most important resource on Earth: time.

Men aren't supposed to obsess about women. Sure there's good women and bad women just as there's good shits and bad shits. Women like shit are beneath men. Men are supposed to spend their lives inventing, planning, fighting, not thinking about women all the time. You really think bronze age dudes transcribed their arguments with wifey onto clay tablets and shared it with other bronze age dudes? No! They were too busy killing other bronze age dudes. Worst case scenario they could barter 8 goats for another wife. Modern western women are only worth about 3 goats because they can't cook and get used harder than a Brooklyn Bus.

Just as your turd quality is an indicator of past nutritional success, women are past-oriented. Their entire thought is towards the past because their too self interested to objectively understand the present or the possibilities of the future. That's why women don't care about what your learning in med school or doing in the gym now. They care only about the current results of past actions. That's why millions of women march protesting the Patriarchy, despite it being abolished in the last century. If the Patriarchy exists how do feminist departments get money? Checkmate women.

If you want insight into the hysteric female mind pick up Hillary Clinton's book: *What Happened. Hillary Clinton ran a 2008 style campaign in 2016, lost and is still screaming What Happened?! I'm not making a political point here. I'm making a misogynistic one. That's how all women approach their problems and basically the only thing you need to know about female thought.

Therefore when you orient yourself towards women your orienting yourself down back and beneath where you already are. That's why the PUA crew is forever mentally trapped in post adolescence. They wasted too much of their lives talking to women and thinking about women. Eventually they started thinking like women. When a man thinks and acts like a woman he's called a faggot and a little bitch. So if you want to intellectually downgrade yourself by orienting yourself down towards women go right ahead. But in today's hyper competitive world it's not gonna go well.

The irony is that the more you orient yourself towards women the worse you'll do with women. Elliot Rodger was a little bitch who only thought about women and never did anything masculine. Consequently there was an interracial consensus at Santa Barbara not to fuck Elliot Rodger. Women want masculine men. They seek masculinity and polarity. They don't seek woman watchers.

The only person who can stop you from shoving your face in a toilet bowl is you. Pedestalizing women through pornography, obsessive thought and attention will prevent you from ever reaching great heights. There's an entire universe beyond the toilet bowl of present society. Let your inner world be a patriarchal world not a postmodern feminine shopping mall McWorld. Pull your face out of the toilet and have a breath of fresh air.

If your ready to get swole and out of control this summer shoot me a PM to discuss my Red Pill fitness service.

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