The Reddit Administration Recants

October 2, 2018

As many have noticed, Reddit Admin have taken down their required truth reading link to Michael Kimmel's Scam before entering /r/TheRedPill, mainly after I posted this scathing takedown where I explained that their resource on "positive masculinity" was, in fact, a male abuse victim denier.

That's right folks, you can't make it up. Reddit admin, who fancy themselves as the purveyors of what is good and what is not, accidentally told a men's forum that they were absolutely and unequivocally wrong, bad and offensive, and then tried to tell them that the true path to positive masculinity IS DENYING MALE ABUSE VICTIMS.

Holy fucking shit, Reddit Admin. What on earth are you thinking?

Here's what we know now:

The Reddit admin- the ones who believe it is up to them to tell us what we can and cannot read not based on rules, not based on legalities, but on a false sense of morality and self-righteousness, just recanted on their allegedly moral position of what positive masculinity is. Because it was absolutely, undoubtedly, and utterly immoral.

We are still drafting our appeal to the quarantine, but honestly we're starting to think the Reddit Admin are writing the appeal for us.

To the Reddit Admin: You have demonstrated that you are not an authority on morality. You have demonstrated that you do not have the proper judgment to tell users what they should and should not read. You have just subjected 300,000 of your users to an anti-male, abuse-denier. I think you should be ashamed, and I think you should apologize to the users here.

A positive, non-toxic male admits when he's wrong and apologizes when he accidentally denies to 300,000 men that they can be victims of abuse.

Who here thinks the admin have the proper judgment to be able to tell them what they should and should not read?

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