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The Root Cause of the Anger Phase.

March 28, 2015

The anger phase is important. Without it, we never would have woken up in the first place.

But where does it from? What starts it, and when does it stop?

Well, the best local source for directly observing angry-phase men in the wild is /r/askmen (trp has plenty of angry-phase men, but your observations will be diluted with men in later stages). Reading this https://archive.today/ny1mk thread, where men talk about annoying shit women say, we can start to get an inkling.

What do all of these men, annoyed by women, angry at women, have in common?

They all expect women to be adults.

They were raised to think of women as adults. They were told over and over again that the differences between men and women were purely sexual. And they believed it. So they grew up and became adults, and expected the women around them to be adults. They just assumed women would make an effort to be objective, see things from others' points of view, finish what they start, keep their promises, take responsibility for their actions, and so forth.

When adults refuse to do these things, it's annoying. We get angry at them. Because they have failed a reasonable expectation. When children refuse to do these things, we're not annoyed or surprised. They are children. They are not capable of adulthood yet.

In the denial phase, we rationalize away women's childish behaviour, making excuses for them in order to preserve our delusion that women are peers we can rely on.

In the anger phase, we are awakened to women's childish behaviour, but it angers us because of the gap between the actual behaviour and our expectations. The anger ends when our expectations realign to women's actual patterns of behaviour.

The cause of the anger phase is the lingering belief that women are adults. Now, we learn to be more attractive by treating women like children. For example, the basic principle of all shit-test handling techniques is "don't take anything they say seriously". That's treating someone like a child.

But, like a religion taught to us in childhood, expectations and beliefs we held for that many years will linger, and we will slide back to thinking of women as adults. We make the mistake of arguing with them, instead of laughing at whatever ridiculous bullshit they say, and patting them on the head. We make the mistake of listening to what they say instead of watching what they do. We make the mistake of expecting them to handle their own shit instead of managing them and telling them exactly what we expect. We make the mistake of bargaining with them instead of instructing them. We expect them to not let themselves get fat, instead of controlling what they eat. We expect them to make good decisions, instead of simply telling them what to do.

The reason we must repeat simple lessons to ourselves over and over again is that it takes a long time to transition from "treat her like a child" as a tactic, to actually fully realizing and believing that she, and all women, are really children in adult bodies. It's slow, and difficult, but this is the step you must take before women stop being a source of pain in your life, and start being a source of happiness.

Many men in the anger phase linger there because of the dream that someday, they will find that unicorn, that one special woman who actually takes responsibility for her actions, can be an equal partner, can both take and provide emotional support, doesn't have to be managed, etc. But there is no such woman. (You know who actually can have equal relationships like that? Faggots, that's who. And if you're not a faggot, you wouldn't like it much. It would be like dating a dude in drag.)

Men who are looking for an "adult" woman are axiomatically in the anger phase, because if they were in denial, they would think all women were, and if they had passed anger, they would be aware that no such woman exists. And by doing so, they make themselves angrier, because the more a woman is able to present the appearance of an adult, the more she is simply a child who expects to be treated like one.

The desirable woman is not a woman who acts adult, she is the woman who is aware and accepting of her own childish nature. Such a woman can submit to a man without shame, and provide things to a relationship that no adult can.

  • Tirelessly remind yourself that women are children.
  • When a woman makes you angry, look for the place where you made the mistake of thinking of her as an adult.
  • Stop looking for adult women. They don't exist, and you wouldn't want one if they did.

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