The Sad, Sordid Cautionary Tale of Harvey Weinstein: Why Money Isn’t Enough

October 14, 2017

The Sad, Sordid Cautionary Tale of Harvey Weinstein: Why Money Isn’t Enough

TL;DR: Fat, unattractive blue pill guy with Money but No Game winds up getting shredded for being a creep and probable rapist.

Why Money Isn’t Enough

So someone raised the topic of Harvey Weinstein over in ask TRP, so I thought I would address it. The Harve is not even remotely red pill. In fact, he's a liberal, blue pill predator1 who thought that as long as he said the "right things" and supported the "right candidates", then everything would be ok for him.

So how did this happen? First, you have to understand that Hollywood is an absolute cesspool, run by a bunch of perves, pedos, plus other assorted weirdos.2 Lots of dysfunction. It’s been that way there for DECADES. And yet, in that cesspool, Harvey Weinstein stood out as a Grade “A” Shitbag.

Where did the Harve go wrong? I am fond of saying that money is a “force multiplier” and it is useful as a tool, but only in the right hands. In other words there must be a force to be multiplied. Weingrabber was an obese, bumptious uggo with no self-control. If it had boobs, the Harve wanted a massage and a handjob from it – look for him to be portrayed by Mike Myers in the future biopic. The Harve liked to trade plum roles for young peaches. For all the complainers now, I’m sure there were plenty of gals who were only too happy to put on their cock jockey silks and ride the Harve’s pathetic chubbie to stardom.3 Indeed, of the women who is now alleging rape also admits to maintaining a consensual sexual relationship with him for 5 years after that. Of course, she (and others) bear no responsibility for their shitty life choices. If the Harve wanted a meeting in his room, it wasn’t because he gave a shit about a girl’s opinion on the Middle East situation or wanted to discuss Camus. It was because Shamu wanted a massage handy! And women took those meetings because they wanted to be rich and famous actresses, and, well, if you want to cross a bridge you have to pay the toll bang the troll. At least that’s how the Harve saw it. I have zero sympathy for the Harve, but not a ton for alleged naifs who thinks shit should be free to them because they're pretty.

Of course, Everybody Knew4 but Nobody Said Anything, because the Harve basically shit gold. So long as the Harve could make or break careers and was churning out Oscar-nominated films – “Sex, Lies, and Videotape”, “The Crying Game”, “Pulp Fiction”, “The English Patient”, “Shakespeare in Love”, “The King’s Speech” – it was “Let the good times roll!” And roll they did. Miramax’ films garnered over 300 Oscar nominations.

Had he ANY sense of savoir faire whatsoever, he’d have pre-qualified his women better, figured out who was down and who wasn’t - hint: don't force yourself on women who are not DTF with you - and would be happily nailing quality tail, and doling out rewards to his favored cock holsters to this day, instead of basically losing everything, becoming suicidal and jetting off to Arizona to have his libido exorcised. But no, it was “Me want pooosy! Me want cookie! Me want hand job! Me want pizza!” He had to go after everything in a skirt, because he was drunk on his own power, and as soon as that power dried up, the long knives came out for him. If you listen to the audio recording made by Ambra Battilana Gutierrez5 as part of an attempted sting with the NYC police, he comes off as a petulant, whiny little pussy beggar. His eventual fate is richly deserved.


Don’t bang girls who do not want you to bang them.

Money, while a force multiplier, is not enough.

Identify the pool of women who are attracted to you, and draw plates, girlfriends, LTRs from that pool.

Looks, Money & Game, abideth these three, but the greatest of these is Game.

= = = = = = = = = =

1 See "Clinton, William J." Sort of ironic that he got busted over a zaftig stalker who was DTF but that's how it goes, I guess. His past was littered with women who were less willing, although there were certainly some fame-seekers and profiteers, also.

2 Google “Hollywood” and “Pedophiles”. Elijah Wood (whose parents kept him away from “those parties”) and Corey Feldman (whose parents didn’t) have had plenty to say about it.

3 Have you ever wondered about certain actresses? For me it was always Kirsten Dunst, who was last seen with a bunch of horrified Japanese people. No talent to speak of and dose ‘teefs. shudder I have no idea if she was one of the Harve’s fuck dolls, but it would explain a lot.

4 Except Judy Dench and Meryl Streep who are both trying to “Sgt. Schultz” it, but mostly because nobody has wanted to put his cock in either of them since the 1970s. Evidently even the Harve has standards.

5 She also managed to be at one of Silvio Burlusconi’s “bunga bunga” parties. What rotten luck this girl has!

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