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The source of your power stems from the ability to walk away

April 29, 2015

There was a post – on Purple Pill Debate of all places – that really touched on a key element of The Red Pill: A man’s power lies in his ability to walk away. I guess to appease the blue pill universe, it’s more accurate to say that a human’s power lies in its ability to walk away. The person who is the most willing to walk has 100% of the power in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. For a lot of losers in shitty relationships, that person who’s prepared to walk to her next cock at any time is the woman. Which is why one of the key teachings of The Red Pill is to always, always, always be willing and prepared to walk away.

“Negging” a woman? Implementing “dread game?” “Agreeing and amplifying” the shit-test issues she brings to you? The “IDGAF” attitude? These are all behaviors that give the impression of a man that could walk away at any moment. A genuinely valuable, badass of a man does most of this naturally, because he really could walk away at any moment. He has other shit to do and other people to see, so the very fact that he’s talking to you for a few minutes, gauging your worth, is a gift. A less valuable loser of a man who read The Red Pill for the first time last week might be faking it, trying these behaviors out to appear like he’s willing and able to walk. Honestly, as long as he’s not too obvious with his machinations, he’ll probably have some success with it.

Your power in any relationship, even non-romantic ones, comes from two sources:

1- Being worth a shit, or at least looking and acting in a manner that gives the appearance that you’re worth a shit. If you’re not worth a shit, nobody cares if you stay or go or what happens to you. You could be run over by a bus, and nobody would cry. Your girlfriend would post about your death on Facebook to get attention then start fucking her backup boyfriend next week.

How do you become worth a shit? Work out, eat well, dress well, and groom – become good looking. Get a degree and a good job, then excel at it – become professionally successful. Explore the world – take a little time off from the beer, porn, and video games and see what else might interest you, and develop some hobbies and skills that are useful and add value to your life. Talk to people and meet people everywhere you go – you don’t become socially apt and well-connected unless you actually practice and get past the embarrassing socially awkward stage where you suck and people think you’re weird, and you never meet anybody interesting, fun, or valuable if you never make the effort.

2 – Being willing to walk away. Prepare to walk away. Have an exit strategy ready for every relationship in your life. Every single person in your life should be deathly afraid that this time will be the last time they ever see you if they fuck up this encounter with you. When you’ve clearly demonstrated that you don’t give a fuck, you have options in life, and you blow-off and don’t tolerate shit tests and disrespect, people quit dishing out disrespect in your direction and start bending over backward to make sure you’re pleased with them.

Women should be afraid of losing you. If the sex stops, if they bitch at you, if they push for commitment, if they try to manipulate you, you’re gone. This isn’t a manipulation tactic. It’s a fact. You don’t have time for women who make your life harder or less happy. You have options with other women who don’t. Even if you don’t have any other options with any other women, it is much better to have no women at all than a woman who consumes more value from your life than she adds. No woman is worth that.

I guess to appease the blue pill universe, I should say that you don’t have time for any people, men or women, who make your life harder or less happy. If some male person is consuming more value from your life than he’s adding, cut him out of the picture, too. It’s better to have no friends than shitty friends. There. Now we’re all politically correct. Because being politically correct is really important!

Some people will tell you that this is some kind of evil manipulation we’re teaching here, but this used to be dating 101: If you suck and don’t make me happy, I will leave. Somehow, people forgot this and now when a woman makes us unhappy, we’re supposed to communicate, get counseling, go for months without sex, give backrubs, fold laundry, and forgive her when she fucks another guy who doesn’t put up with shit like that.

That’s really the core of The Red Pill when you think about it. Be worth a shit, recognize people who aren’t, and treat the people who aren’t appropriately. Unfortunately, in 2015, many, many women aren’t worth a shit. (Most men aren’t either, but you guys aren’t sexually attracted to men, so it doesn’t matter.) So I guess your #3 source of power is the ability to recognize shitty people, accept that most people (e.g., women) are shitty, and roll with it (e.g., fuck until the sex stops or she annoys you, then shrug, walk away, and fuck someone else.)

Now astute readers among you might say, “Well Archwinger, by being like this, aren’t I being a shitty friend and a guy who takes more value than he adds? Aren’t I being the kind of person other people should walk away from if they took your advice?”

For some of you, yes, you are. But you’re lucky. Most people in the world are losers. They won’t walk away from you for the same reasons that the pre-Red Pill you never walked away from shitty people. And if some of them do walk, you’ve got other options. There’s a whole world of people out there. Most are too insecure, stupid, or worthless to walk away.

But those of you who are actually worth a shit recognize that the best way to add value to the lives of others is to be worth a shit. So many blue pill beta loser chump guys don’t get this. They remain losers who aren’t worth a shit, but become really, really thoughtful, attentive, helpful, eager-to-please losers. That’s even worse! It doesn’t matter how large of a pile of shit you’re handing out. It will never be worth the tiniest gold nugget. When people don’t respect or value the shit you’re handing out, the solution isn’t to offer a larger pile of it.

How do you really add value to someone else’s life? Be valuable. Be worth a shit. People want to hang out with, be seen with, and interact with people that are good-looking, successful, interesting, fun, skilled, and socially apt. The time you provide to those people is valuable. But it comes at a price: People work to keep your time. People add value to your life. Otherwise, you walk.

Your power comes from the willingness to walk away. Have an exit strategy for every relationship in your life, and use those exit strategies liberally when needed. If you make time for shitty people, it’s only a matter of time before you smell like shit.

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