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The Stranger Test -- Be more like a stranger to her

May 17, 2016

When you marry a woman, cohabit with her, or enter into an exclusive relationship and remain exclusive for an extended period of time, she becomes comfortable with you. Comfortable that you are invested in her. Comfortable that you’re not going to leave her. Comfort, time, and familiarity breed contempt.

After spending a mere 30 seconds on the internet, you can find a massive list of stories about men complaining that their wives and girlfriends are mean, ungrateful, judgmental, bitchy, crazy, and so on. It’s become something of a societal trope. Something we laugh at. Women who proudly wear T-shirts proclaiming that they’re a bitch. “I’m a great girl. I just get a little crazy sometimes! LOL!” If you can’t handle her at her worst, you don’t deserve her at her best, right? Real men ought to be able to handle a strong, independent woman who isn’t afraid to express herself, right?

Things didn’t start this way for these men. These women used to be great girls. Fun, pleasant to be around, sexually generous. Their eyes lit up when they saw their men. They smiled. They gave him that look. They would spontaneously touch him. They would do things for him. They cared what their men thought. They cared whether their men were happy. They did things to make their men happy and felt pride in doing so. But comfort, time, and familiarity breed contempt. These men let their women get too comfortable and too familiar. They invested too much time.

The common Red Pill response to a bitchy woman is to laugh. Agree and amplify her shit tests. Apply dread game and put the fear of loss back into her. Maybe even soft next her, demote her to plate, and put the actual realization of loss back into her, not just the fear of it. Or even hard next her if she’s being especially unruly.

After all, if you’re “alpha” enough and pass enough of her shit tests, she’ll magically behave herself, right? Well, maybe for a few days. Then you’re back at it again. But if you’re a good leader and teach her and train her well, she’ll become a good girlfriend, right? Nope.

Because women fucking know better. They don’t need to be “led”. They already fucking know better. Women know that men don’t like sexless bitches. You don’t have to tell them that. If you find yourself having to talk to a woman about her poor behavior – something she already damn well knows – then she’s already proven herself not to be wife or girlfriend material. She knows better but is choosing to be an ungrateful, mean, sexless bitch out of contempt for you. She thinks you’ll put up with it, because you’re a loser who can’t drop her for somebody better. Maybe you ought to prove her wrong.

But all women are mean, bitchy, crazy, and ungrateful some of the time. All women shit test. If you’re looking for a woman who doesn’t, you’re actually looking for a pet dog. A well-treated dog is always grateful and never mean.

So if you intend to interact with women, then you need to expect shit tests, bitchy behavior, meanness, craziness, and a complete and utter lack of gratitude for everything. You can’t just drop every girl who’s ever a bitch, or you’ll never get laid. But you need to have limits. Enforce boundaries. If you let a woman walk all over you and shit test you at will, you’re going to be a very unhappy, very sexless, very invested loser who lives with a nagging, cheating, bitchy shrew.

One way to gauge the status of your relationship is the stranger test. Watch how your wife or girlfriend treats strangers.

If your wife or girlfriend is a bitch to everybody, she’s crazy and unstable and you need to dump her right away, change your phone number, and move. Unless you have a good system for hiding bodies. Don’t waste your time with sociopaths and the mentally ill.

But if she’s not (which is most women), then the problem isn’t her, it’s you. Don’t focus on how she treats you. Watch how she treats others. Everyone. Grocery sackers, waiters at restaurants, her friends, her family, strange guys who hit on her. Everyone. That will help you put things in perspective.

When your wife or girlfriend is being a mean and ungrateful bitch and pissing on you, remember, she’s not a bitch. She’s just a bitch to you. She’s perfectly respectful and pleasant to her friends, to her co-workers, and even to strangers she meets on the street. She wouldn’t dream of being a bitch to others, because she knows that being a bitch will get her de-friended, fired, and blow any chance of a good impression on a stranger. But she’s a constant bitch to you because she thinks you’re a loser who can’t do anything about it. If you dropped her for another girl without making any changes to yourself, that other girl would be just as bitchy to you a few months in.

Does your wife or girlfriend do things to you, refuse to do things for you, and say terrible things to you that she would never, in a million years, say to a friend, to a co-worker, or to a complete stranger she met at Starbucks?

Then she respects you less than she respects a total stranger. She is treating you, the man she supposedly loves, worse than she treats bystanders at a coffee shop. You get her at her worst, while some random guy in line at the bank gets her best behavior. Her most pleasant, attractive, respectful self that she only showed to you back when you were dating and she thought she might lose you if she misbehaved.

Do you want that woman back? Do you want to be treated at least as well as she treats her office-mates and strangers she meets while running errands? You know, with basic human decency and respect instead of utter contempt, meanness, and a serious lack of gratitude?

Fuck that. Did you just think “yes” to yourself? Fuck that, and fuck you.

If you chose this woman to be your girlfriend or wife, she should be treating you better than her friends, co-workers, and random strangers she meets. Other people aren’t doing shit for her, you are, and you’re expecting the same respect that she gives to a stranger? You’re giving away your time and investment for free, as though you’re worthless? No wonder she pisses on you.

Do you know why she’s nice to that stranger, but a bitch to you? Because that stranger’s opinion of her is still in flux. That stranger can walk away right now.

Be more like a stranger to her. Do your own shit, live your own life, and let her wonder who you are, who you’ve become, and why, all of the sudden, she feels like she doesn’t know you any more. Make her audition and re-audition for the role of your wife/girlfriend every day. Make her feel as though your opinion of her is constantly in flux, like she could fail at any time. Like tomorrow, she could lose you. Like her status is hanging by a thread.

Because you are a not a stranger. You have power over her. Whether she likes sex, your money, your time, the status of being next to a cool, good-looking guy like you, or whatever else you bring to the table. She wants something. Be forever willing to take that something away. Even give it to someone else. You worked hard to earn your shit. Make her work twice as hard to earn it from you so you can turn a little profit on that shit of yours.

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