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"The Talk" is Socially Retarded, Do Not Tolerate It.

February 21, 2018

So how many of you would drop this on a woman halfway through a date:

"We need to talk. You're a nice girl, and I like you, but my goal for tonight is to have sex. So we need to talk about whether you're ready for sex, and about what kind of sexual acts you're ready for. Because I deserve sex, and if you're not a sex-minded kind of girl, then I need to not be wasting my time here."


If any one of you raised your hands, then go to the back of the fucking class, and the some gentlemen from the Federal Witless Protection Program will stop by a little later with your helmet and a juicebox.

One of the first principles of TRP is that desire is not voluntary, and cannot be negotiated. And if you've been here more than a few minutes, you know better than to try.

So why would you let a girl get away with doing the same thing? The "Commitment Talk" is nothing but the female version of this clueless screed, an attempt to negotiate or just simply demand her way up the Bitch Management Hierarchy. Tolerate that, and you're the one who's the bitch. Hope you like strap-ons.

If a girl ever hits you with "the talk", her permanent maximum rank is "plate", because your desire isn't voluntary either, and it cannot be negotiated, either. You do not ever want to be in a relationship with a girl who doesn't get that.

When your game is tight, girls will have sex with you and never be conscious of having made a decision to do so... "it just kind of happened". In promoting a girl to LTR, you must not settle for anything less... you hang out with more and more because you want to spend time with her, you visit her when she's sick because you want her to feel better, you take her along on that road trip because you want her there.

A girl who can't make that happen without stopping the flow to make sperglike demands of you isn't worthy. If she cannot infuse you with the positive desire to promote her, she isn't worthy. She has to earn her way up just like anyone else, no matter what she says about herself.

And remember that there is no level 4.

Full fucking stop..

No fucking exceptions..

Do NOT go there.

No matter how much you want to see her smile.

That institution is DEAD.

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