The Travel-Widow, or why travel for the single woman is a red flag

October 10, 2015

I've always known a type of woman I used to unofficially name "travel-women" who you could always spot and you always wanted to stay away from. Now I have a name for them - the travel widow.

You can spot them as they'd speak as though the present company and scenery was always inferior to the far off lands they'd travel to. I always remember that feeling in my gut, the fact that you were looking at a girl who had had a taste of ambrosia and none of the old american chop suey was going to do it for her ever again. You could just tell by the look in her eyes that her head was in another place.

She'd refer to the US as "the states." I knew that I'd be headed back to "the states" next week.

On facebook they share exotic photos of neat new places, every week it seemed, a new biome, a new background, a new something.

These were women I would avoid like the plague. It's not that I knew they were sluts, but it came with the territory, and - much like an alpha widow whose heart can no longer be captured because her mind remembers a high that may be larger than life, and may never be achievable again - the travel widow will not be captured. She will chase that high, whether or not she'll ever reach it again.

From our very own TempestTCup:

It’s the excitement [of traveling] that does a lot of the damage, and if she regularly escapes her reality and trades it for a new exotic environment with new exotic people, she sort of gets addicted to those highs, and her normal life seems even more boring in comparison.

This is coupled with the fact that traveling is so easy; it requires nothing from her except money and time. It’s not like she is working hard towards a goal that will actually enrich her as a person; she is merely jumping on a plane and then when there she looks around, takes pictures, and eats. It requires nothing from her mentally, much like how easy it is to get sex from that hot guy at the bar.

Women also seem to think that travel makes them interesting, when in reality it’s the places they go that are interesting; the woman herself is still the same woman who jumped on that plane. She thinks that she has accomplished something, when in reality, all she did was jump on that plane.

So as not to shamelessly steal the whole article, Read the whole thing here.

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