The Trigger Awards 2018: MVBP Nominations

January 24, 2019

And now for our most triggering category : MOST VALUABLE BLUE PILLER

We're looking for the bluest pill Post or Comment made on Reddit in 2018.

Top level comments must include only one nomination, but replies are open for discussion.

Submissions must be a screenshot of the comment or post with names blurred. Comment or post must be from reddit and made in 2018.

No direct linking.

Submitters must be able to verify post with URL privately with mods if nominated. Recommended to take archive with if possible.

You may submit as many nominations as you would like.

Nominations will be open until Feb 1st. Because of the nature of how reddit works, older comments tend to get more votes than new comments. Because of this, we're going to take all nominations with at least 3 votes will be featured in our final vote next week.

Please nominate your choices for MVBP 2018.

Rules: Post must originate on Reddit and must have been made in 2018. While not strictly against the rules, nominating yourself is a sign of brain cancer.

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