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The TRP Field Toolkit - Part 4: Flags, ASD, LMR and Walking Away

May 1, 2015

TL:DR - This is the TRP Field Toolkit. A more detailed guide to all the basics used in the field that will allow you to deal with the vast majority of situations which arise. The way I explain everything is the way I see it and how it has been working well for me including examples and links to additional reading. The third part of the guide covered Shit tests and Comfort tests. This final part covers identifying Red and Green flags, bypassing the Anti-Slut Defence and Last Minute Resistance, and finally, knowing when to Walk Away.

  • Identifying flags.

Red flags and green flags are most important to the men who want to have a long term relationship with a woman. However, I think identifying them can be very useful for deciding how to order the importance of your plates and additionally as a good evaluation system to see what sort of schedule from meeting to sex you can expect with this chick.

Red Flags.

More Red Flags.

Even More Red Flags.

I would also add to these any chick with bright coloured hair, lots of piercings, tattoos, used to be a stripper/camgirl at any point in her life or is generally a bit of an attention whore. These things scream "I love to take my clothes off for strangers. And oh whoops, it just happened where he fell into and out of me several times by mistake. I'm totes not like that really."

Also, we must never forget the standard public service announcement: Do not stick your dick in crazy. If you're new and you find that crazy chick to be hot... go search for a few of the horror stories on the sub. It'll change your mind pretty fast.

Green Flags.

More Green Flags.

Green flags typically show a woman who is likely to treat you better and a woman who's going to hang around. Better plate material. Better LTR material. Generally much more pleasant to be around. I'd advise you to pump and dump any girl who doesn't display at least one green flag. This is because she's likely to be a nightmare to manage, even as a plate.

  • The ASD (Anti-Slut defence) and LMR (Last Minute Resistance.)

These two are linked. The Anti-Slut Defence can be both Last Minute Resistance, or it can be a pre-empt that shows she's already eager to fuck you. (While this post shows multiple layers of meaning, I also consider it to be a form of ASD pre-empt. i.e. "I don't do that. Oh, it wasn't planned, it just happened, so I'm still not a slut.") In my opinion ASD is just a combined shit/comfort test. She wants to know you're dominant enough to take her, while also comforting her hamster and ensuring that her sluttiness won't become public knowledge.

From my experience, I tend to either get a variation of the shit test "you sleep with all girls on the first date?" (which I always respond with a disinterested "gentlemen don't kiss and tell. What about you?" She typically doesn't respond to that. She's satisfied her sluttiness will be kept secret.) or I'll meet the ASD later. For all modern sex-positive feminism shouts and screams that sluts are nothing to be ashamed of... most women are still ashamed and embarrassed when people know they are sluts. Late ASD would also count as LMR and should be dealt with in the same way as LMR.

Further reading on ASD.

LMR is something that I am convinced is a final shit test, thrown out if she's not 100% certain of your high SMV in order to double check at the last second. From my experience, it comes out much more often when my frame hasn't been solid or I've made a misstep or two earlier, but then recovered. The essential attitude underlying the methods to overcoming LMR are IDGAF combined with a healthy abundance mentality. Her token resistance of "we shouldn't have sex" is just that, it's token resistance. Typically a girl won't end up naked and alone in her bedroom with a guy she doesn't want to fuck. (No matter what the blue pill idiots say, that's just not a sensible thing for a girl to do and there is no amount of rationalising which will change my view on this.)

There are two methods which come from the attitude to bypass the last minute resistance. Personally I favour the latter because of the modern day rape hysteria which goes on, but both are good. Firstly, you can pay very close attention to her body language and continue doing things which will turn her on that are not penetrative sex. Playing with her nipples and then putting her hand on your cock is a solid move which typically leads to sex. Keep turning her on until she's all but begging for you inside her. If you want to take this method, I strongly advise using the "If you say stop, I'll stop." line. It establishes a very clear safeword and allows her to submit to you if that's what she wants.

The second approach is to really channel your IDGAFOS to level 2.0 by beginning to leave and looking completely unphased. Most women will have experienced the beta reaction to their LMR a few times. (Beta reactions being things like getting pissy at her for being a cock tease or starting to beg for sex.) As a result of this, she may be a little confused at first until she realises what she's almost done and scrambles to recover and satisfy her tingles. An alpha does not care, he can pull on his pants, walk out the door right now and go get sex elsewhere. You have to believe this or else you risk this not working. She will reinitiate in some way to get you back. Begging you not to go and you can escalate again. This can be done with small talk, but one line I've had some good success with is "I'm not certain I'll be able to control myself if I stay. You should make me go." It leaves a little ambiguity for her while making your intentions very clear. She lets you leave or she gets you to stay for sex. With good eye contact and silence I've seen multiple ravenous reactions to this. A less direct (and more methodical) approach to the same method is covered in the book Bang by Roosh V. But I'm impatient and women can tell this, so they tend to make up their mind faster.

  • Walking away.

It is better to cut your losses and walk away, than risk further losses. Walking away is always an option for you. ALWAYS.

I've found this field report to be one of the best examples of walking away even when the value is high and you've invested time and effort. The moment you won't walk away, you've surrendered the power in the relationship and/or the interaction. You are willing to walk away from anything if circumstances show that you've lost control or it will do you damage to stay. You need to be effortlessly dominant and consistent. Sometimes this means you'll have to walk away from a situation where you can't be these things.

If it's a relationship, the option to walk away is always there. If it's an interaction and it's going down in flames, just walk away. Ultimately, your time on this earth is short and that time is valuable. Don't waste it on shit that isn't going where you want it to go.

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