The TRP Petty Mindset Epidemy


TRP is about understanding and mastering sexual strategy. It is not about understandin, and much fucking less whining or talking about, the feminine(feminist) state of our current society.


“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” - Corrie ten Boom

And this was kindly put, you fucking whiny bitches.


Things that contribute to your sexual strategy involve status, wealth, wit, looks, humour, charisma. Things that contribute to your understanding of female’s sexual strategy are understanding hypergamy (alpha/beta/the wall etc.) game… actually that’s pretty much it.

What doesn’t contribute to it is the endless whining about feminists, female presidents, beta males, divorce-rape, tumblr nonsense, sexism and I probably forgot some.

TRP has been focusing on this shit way too much, you barely learn anything from it. Just from the 30 top posts this past month I scraped together this pathetic bunch of posts.

Divorce Rape \(#1\) Beta Males (#2) Feminists (#3) Meta (#4) Sex Positivity? (#7) Beta/Feminism (#9) Rape Culture (#10)

Now what IS true however, is that you need to be warned about these things to be wary of them, and to not make the mistake in falling for the traps laid about by these concepts in modern day life. It is of upmost importance to be aware of these things. But they have been the main top posts of the past few months, maybe the past year. When I joined this place things weren’t like this, and it’s because of all the angry beta males that joined the sub. It’s good you want to be enlightened, but don’t put your sorrow in things you can’t change, and more importantly, in things you can gain very limited wisdom from.

See, I was planning to educate you fella’s on the major pitfalls in modern day society, but just browse the top posts of the past few months and you’ll find more examples to cry about than you have memories of regret of that girl you didn’t kiss in second grade.

Now, where I want to go with this is that we should stop allowing these fucking posts. We have Michael’s story, we have modern day news, we have the sidebar, and that’s all you need. You just have to stay aware of these problems, but we have to stop clogging the amazing, only free speech place in the world right now, the manosphere, with all this whiny bullshit.

I don’t want to suggest an outright ban on this kind of stuff, but if TRP really is about sexual strategy this stuff doesn’t belong here in the amounts that it is present.

I would love to hear your opinions on this stuff, especially from the elders.

Lessons Learned:

Discussion about feminists, female presidents, beta males, divorce-rape, tumblr nonsense, sexism, rape culture and more of the like don’t/barely add to discussion of sexual strategy and exploring the sexual marketplace. You don’t need much more beside the sidebar.