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The Ultimate Shit Test: Feminism and the female mating strategy

May 31, 2014

Feminism is often ascribed as having purpose due to needing to correct inequality between the sexes. While this certainly may have been the case close to a century ago, it isn't the case today (whether it truly was of any benefit is something I will touch in a future post)

Today, anyone with a scrap of intellect and access to factual data can see feminism for the fraud it is. Whatever legal inequality exists between the sexes is absolutely minimally favouring men if at all, and an inordinate amount of legalized inequality exists against men. I need only mention divorce courts, alimony, subsidized healthcare, mandatory drafts, domestic abuse arrests, hiring quotas, etc. to show how we have legally made it more difficult to be a man.

So why does feminism persist? If women truly have it so good, why wouldn't it fade out of existence? That reason is the namesake of this post -- feminism is now the greatest tool in the mating strategy of unattractive women.

Consider this. Feminism has been likened to Cultural Marxism. In the same way that Marxism seeks to flatten the resource-disadvantage of the poor by taking from the rich, so too does Feminism with sexual market value of attractive women to low-SMV ones. Look at each and every demand made by modern feminists -- fat is sexy, don't judge me for my partner count, don't judge me for my looks, I can do whatever I want because I'm empowered and you have to like it, etc. etc. These are all things low-quality women do, but feminism seeks to societally shame those who would suggest those qualities are negative. Were this to actually play out, this would allow ugly fatties with shitty attitudes to have a shot with attractive alphas.

In reality, a different result emerges. BP men, taught from an early age to pedestalize women and never do anything that might offend them, are frightened off from approaching them, lest they be seen as "creepy". Their supplicating behaviour shrivels away the attraction of most women. Strong, confident men resoundly reject feminism's notions and go through with approaching women anyhow. In this way alphas are selected for without actually telling betas they suck. Women are the masters of Powertalk; they will not say socially unpalatable things, but can find ways to say them without incriminating themselves.

So what's a man to do in the face of modern feminism? Same thing you would do with any other shit test. Plough right through it, laugh at it as if a child told you how to do your job.

The sexiest thing a woman can hear is a man telling her no.

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