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The World of Status

June 13, 2015

In any relationship, status is at work and it's up to you to manage it. When you talk to cashiers, waiters, parents, clients, politicians, teachers, girls you like, you will either have higher or lower status.

Lesson 1 - Be aware of status.

Your first step it to become aware of the status games around you. Chances are, up until now, you haven't been aware of them, so I suggest you make it a habit just to note what sort of status you have in every interaction. In that fancy restaurant? Do you feel the same way about the intimidating maître d as you would someone serving you at McDonalds? Why is that? They're doing a similar job. A week ago I employed a plumber, and he instantly made me feel inferior - how he laid out his tools, the jargon he used, his tone of voice. I found myself talking in macho way, almost wanting his approval. Let's make this clear - I employed him, he was technically my employee, and yet in that situation, in my own home, I felt I had lower status.

In Keith Johnstone's excellent book, Improv, he talks about how his school teacher couldn't maintain status, and how the class felt compelled to misbehave.

"I remember one teacher, whom we liked but who couldn't keep discipline. The Headmaster made is obvious that he wanted to fire him, and we decided we'd better behave. Next lesson we sat in spooky silence for about five minutes, and then one by one we began to fool about... I would now say that the teacher was a low status player: he twitched, he made unnecessary movements, he went red at the slightest annoyance, and he seemed like an intruder in the classroom."

Let's look at this: even though they liked the teacher, even though they knew it'd cost him his job, they felt compelled to disrespect him. At work, if you're showing low status, your colleagues will be compelled to mock and belittle you.

Lesson 2 - It's dynamic

Think of status as a game that you're constantly playing with those around you. Don't take it too seriously. Why? Because getting upset, demanding respect, showing negative emotions will instantly lower your status. Instead status is achieved through more subtle means.

We've all sat in a bar where one person tells a story, someone else tells a better story and a third person tells an even more impressive story. This is the most basic of status games.

And while we are on the topic of friends and co-workers, if you want to relate to those around you, you only want to be slightly higher than them. Flashing that Rolex, talking about your second home in California, driving a Fararri - Will breed resentment in your Timex wearing, Volvo driving, co-workers.

Yes, women are attracted to status in the same way we're attracted to beauty, however be aware of the see-saw effect. If you build yourself up, saying how amazing you are, you're also putting those around you down. When I see someone I went to school with driving a Porsche, I'm pleased for him, and I feel pain. That pain is my drop in status.

As a red piller, that pain drives me on. I'll work harder, faster, and know eventually I'll be out earning all my peers, but to many that stab of pain won't work as an incentive, but instead just breeds resentment.

Knowing how to lower and raise your status during an interaction is a skill to learn. Your aim should be slightly higher than everyone you meet. so they can still relate to you.

Lesson 3 - Shit tests.

Women love it. Successful doctors, lawyers, guys in uniform, CEOs, it's the status that gives the tingles. Shit tests could easily be called status tests - are you higher status than her? Will you put up with her shit?

Do you remember the old David Deangelo books? How he preached about being cocky/funny? Remember frame control? Remember how we talk about amused mastery? All the time we're subtly saying, "I'm higher status. I'm more important than you. My mission in life is more important than yours". This is the attitude you need to be successful, not just with women, but in life.

This is also important to know when you're out with your mates. If your mate is with a girl, if you're a good friend, you'll position yourself as lower than him. It'll make him look more attractive.

Lesson 4 - High Status movements.

It's easy to get caught up in body language - a decent lifting routine and a winning mentality will solve a lot of problems. However here are a few pointers:

  • Smooth movement, as if you're moving through water.
  • Long silence at the beginning of sentences.
  • Stop touching your face and crossing your arms and legs - you are doing this to comfort yourself, like giving yourself a little hug to make you feel better.
  • Make eye contact with everyone you see (unless you're in a really messed up area.)
  • Let the other person break eye contact. If you do break eye contact first, don't peek again at the person you were looking at. You meant to stop looking at them; you weren't intimidated.
  • Keep your head still and level - I see too many guys cock their heads to one side like a submissive puppy.
  • Smile and show your lower teeth. Submissive apes show only their upper teeth when smiling as a form of contrition. Take a look at Schwarzenegger or Obama smiling.
  • Take up space - With your legs, with your bag, with your voice. Think up other ways you can take up space.

Lesson 5 - Voice - window to your soul.

Paty Rodenburg wrote a book called "The Right to Speak". I've always liked the title because I grew up in a family where children were seen and not heard. As an adult you have the right to speak and the right to be heard. You should fill up every space you're in with your voice. She writes: "Many of us blithely will listen to a 'high status' sounding speaker, uttering complete nonsense and banal clichés but assume he - or she - must be making sense."

A lot of you are thinking, but I'm really good at my job, I don't need to show status, my work speaks for itself. Some of you are even thinking, "Women should like me for myself, what does my voice have to do with it?". Imagine you went to a doctor and he had a high pitched voice, was hesitant, and his sentences trailed off. He could have graduated first in his class, but how long would it take before you found a new doctor?

Something I've noticed with a lot of my Indian friends is that they have soft submissive voices. I think it must be a cultural thing. I found the total opposite when I first visited the States. What shocked me was how loud everyone is, and how often I'd be speaking and be asked to repeat myself. I recorded by voice and winced at how wimpy it sounded.

When it comes to voice, check out command presence - it's how police officers learn to talk, when they expect people to obey them. At the beginning of every day you need to warm up your voice. I ride a fast motorcycle, wear a full faced helmet, and yell Eminem's Rap God at full volume when riding to work.

Speak from your balls, imagine your words having power, and you're pumping energy at people. If you're doing a presentation at work, put some emotion into it.

Some people find it easier to speak from the same place they yawn from.

You also want to slightly force every last word of every sentence.

Whatever you do, realise your voice is important.

TLDR: So yeah, status, it's kinda important. Remember: "I'm higher status. I'm more important than you. My mission in life is more important than yours".

Homework - The next time you talk to someone, ask yourself who has higher status. Then work out why.

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[–]foldpak11115 points16 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Ok that comment about the teeth was retarded

[–]Riddick_8 points9 points  (2 children) | Copy Link

I ride a fast motorcycle, wear a full faced helmet, and yell Eminem's Rap God at full volume when riding to work. ...This is how you get made into a squid side dish and become another statistic. Good post otherwise.

[–][deleted] 3 points4 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

keep fast riding on the track and ATGATT.

"I'm high status. I'm more important than you. My mission in life is more important than yours".

It's narcissistic, but a good start. Developing a stoic lifestyle will get you further than comparing yourself to strangers and thinking you are better than them.

[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

" Shit tests could easily be called status tests - are you higher status than her? Will you put up with her shit? "

Great explanation. Should be on the sidebar.

I noticed when I'm with a plate not doing much she puts on the shit tests, as soon we are out with friends doing something no more shit tests I'm the king. Fuck that noise. I'd rather spend my time with my friends and hire escorts, cheaper than continuously showing her my high status thru activities ($$) all the time like she's a 10 yo at Disney trip always looking to do something. Yes being social is fun but when you constantly have to plan shit it gets tiresome too.

What happened to cool chicks just happy hanging out with their BFs? Where are they?

[–]Primemale1 point2 points  (2 children) | Copy Link

Great list of high status movements, although I will say, all of those things will come naturally when one is confident but I suppose ''fake it to make it'' might ring true here.

[–]TheRealSlimRedditor 1 points1 points [recovered] | Copy Link

Even those who have attained success do not always embrace the body language which yields confidence. You have to first learn what the body language of success looks like before you are able to emulate it yourself. It can't come naturally, only through exposure. There are people who give off the impression of success but are not successful, these people may not even know that they are radiating a positive social image. In their heads, they're just doing what they think guys should normally do. Likewise, successful males may give off a negative social image through interactions and may not even be aware of it because they have not been taught.

[–]Primemale0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

It can't come naturally, only through exposure. There are people who give off the impression of success but are not successful, these people may not even know that they are radiating a positive social image.

You sort of contradicted yourself, I think it most certainly can come naturally, I would say I do everything on the list not by exposure but by self belief and the behaviour came to me naturally. I didn't look at confident people and think I want to be more like that, although that could work too. A lot of behaviours are instinctual, just look at the animal kingdom, that we are also a part of.

If people push their boundaries and push the envelope in everything they do, including but not limited to, personal interactions they won't have to memorise these things. I'm not saying don't but I am saying it's not the most efficient way. I would even go as far to say a man who struggles with these things need to raise they're testosterone, period. This can be done by what I said above about pushing boundaries. I think one would be surprised how much confidence is linked to testosterone, and no I don't think I'm over simplifying things, I think most guys over complicate things. Raise your test (naturally, preferably) and reap the rewards!

[–]Johnny10toes1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

There is also a little bit about status games in the book Be Slightly Evil. The author, who wrote The Gervais Principle, is a fan of Impro. I am too. He says status matters to those who think status matters. I've been trying to practice status for a few months. I still have not overcome it yet. He states that when you do you'll no longer see felt status. Or rather when you're playing high or low you don't feel like you're actually high or low, you're just you.

YouTube has several videos from Keith Johnstone and some other people on Status. https://youtu.be/waLJbfNRcWk This shows you where you'll understand quite easily.

[–]unicornh_10 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

so far so long i have found only one book on Social science on Status. since you write post on it if you have any susggestion on non-fiction book suggest man.!

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

I don't understand about the head position thing, you mean we should not rest our heads on left,right or up,down. Or something else?

Then teeth, I have bigger top side teeth and small lower teeth, and I have over bite ie top teeth always covers lower teeth without touching each other. What to about that?

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