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The Zeroth Law of Power

January 28, 2019

Ultimately, the Red Pill is about winning. Certainly, it was invented to be nothing but a pool of observations and speculations about what really is, but the reason we care about this shit is so we can get what we want.

Knowledge is important because knowledge is power.

And we can read the 48 Laws of Power for some valuable suggestions on how to attain and wield power. But what about knowledge about power? Surely that is the most powerful of all. What are the underlying principles upon which power is based, and with which it can be analyzed and understood?

Examine this possibility:

The Zeroth Law of Power: In any interaction, power is held in inverse proportion to need. He who needs the least from an interaction has the most power within it.

When we try thinking this way, we can see arguments, negotiations, and power struggles in a whole new light.

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