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There Are No Shortcuts: Thoughts on "Social Proof"

February 6, 2015

As you awaken from your Blue Pill coma, know this: there are no shortcuts.

Your years as a Blue Pill slave were your most unproductive. You laboured in vain, with no personal, heartfelt goal to galvanize your efforts. Perhaps you laboured for the sake of someone else - a nebulous corporation, or an exploitative boss, or a fucked-in-the-head woman who was happy to use you as her meal ticket.

But now as you awaken, you begin to nderstand that your life is yours to live. It is yours to live for yourself. And now that you're finally at the helm, you've got a lot of work to do. There are no shortcuts.

All those years of personal neglect have left you with a meager bank balance, or a fat ass, or poor health...or a soul-numbing unhappiness that's so palpable you once counted the reasons to kill yourself.

Solving these problems won't come easy or quickly. They took years to reach their current state, and they'll take years to fix. You won't get anywhere lying to yourself, or reaching for quick fixes.

Oh sure, around here you'll hear the old adage of "fake it til you make it". But don't grow complacent with the faking part and neglect the making - because that shit won't happen on its own. Real value - from monetary capital to sexual marketplace value - is purchased with SWEAT EQUITY.

It's time to nuke some misconceptions you may have about being a Red Pill man:

  • Fucking a hot woman does not increase your value.

  • Successfully reciting pick-up artistry like Casanova does not increase your value.

  • Social proof does not increase your VALUE.

That last one might be a little startling, but it's true.

Do you know what social proof is? It's a shortcut for girls. It's a way for them to assess your value by watching how other people treat you - when they themselves don't have the time or opportunity to observe you in your element.

Social proof emerges from value, but it is not a substitute for it.

Social proof will get you to her bedroom for that first night's lay. But that image won't endure in the absence of real value. When the tide of hormones calms, and you're lying there naked with her, and with no friends to pump up your image back up, you will simply be the sum of your sweat equity up until that point.

Is your sweat equity enough yet for you to be proud of?

Make no mistake, this is NOT about letting women be the measure of your value. Don't count on the approval of women, or group laughs, or nodding heads to serve as the meter stick of your life's achievement. Women, and laughs, and nodding heads are fun, and that's what you use them for. Entertainment.

But don't mistake good feelings for value. You don't gain any more value from fucking a hot girl than you do from watching a good movie.

Herein lies the fundamental difference between pleasure (good feelings) and happiness (generating value).

The problems in your life stem from a lack of value. Value comes from work, and work is hard. If value were so easy to generate, then being a strong man would count for nothing. We'd ALL be chumps rolling over for the chance to hug a fat chick. Fuck that noise, you're awake, aren't you? You must learn to recognize and avoid the lure of quick fixes, because they fix nothing.

This is your mission now. And whatever your mission(s) are - getting ripped, starting your own business, building that muscle car you always wanted - they will only survive by the fruit of your efforts. There are no shortcuts, motherfucker. Grab that barbell, or those financial reports, or those power tools, and get to it.

TL;DR: Didn't you read the title? There are no shortcuts. Read the post, you silly bastard.

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