I got out of a relationship about 2 months ago. My ex, Katy was a feminist. She would always say shit like feminism was about equality but then in the same token how women should be treated different because they weren't built like men. She would take it to the extent of complaining that I never tried to win her over when I always took her out on dates, bought her flowers, and chocolates. She had lived with two of her friends who were married to each other and it made me uncomfortable how close she was with her male friend. She didn't think it was odd that he would pay for her everywhere they went because he made more than her. The breaking point was when she started hanging out with her Ex Jeff. The first time she hung out with him, I asked her if she wanted to go to Trivia which she loves. She said she wanted to go out with her female friend Amelia, and because her friends house just burnt down, she just wanted girl time. I didn't make anything of it at the time. One day, she left for "work" on the weekend even though she normally worked office hours. I was feeling uneasy, so I snooped through her ipad and saw a facebook message telling her friend not to tell me that her Ex was at the last Trivia game. I should have just broke up with her then, but like an idiot, I just stuck around and she kept hanging out with her Ex. The tension was not just the fucked up way she treated me, but also the lack of connection and intimacy. I finally made the decision to break up with her because I honestly couldn't sleep at night. She kept viewing herself as a victim to get away with treating me like shit. KATY, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, FUCK YOU!

Fast forward to a few weeks after the breakup. I go back on Tinder, and this girl Edna who I dated a few months prior to Katy happens to see me. We go out, and hook up on the first date. Then the red flags came. When we had an accident with the condom and I told her she should take Plan B just to be safe, she said no. She revealed to me that just prior to meeting me a year ago, she had a miscarriage (she might of mentioned it then but I don't remember.) The pregnancy was accidental and happened with some guy that was married. So, yeah I noped the fuck out of there...but we stayed friends.

Then I meet this other girl Ericka. Ericka is somewhat religious and new in town. I told her before even meeting her that I wasn't interested in a relationship and just looking for friends. Everytime we went out I never paid for her. She told me over and over that she really liked me. At the same time, I was hanging out with Edna, and Edna would end up cuddling falling asleep next to me. I tried making a move on Edna, but she said I should try again when we were sober. With all the built up tension I just decided to go ahead and date Edna, but when I made this decision she went out of town. I hang out with Ericka again and tell Ericka I like someone else. When Edna got back in town, she told me she doesn't like me anymore. So I messaged Ericka this morning, and this is what I get: