This is your ONLY life. You don't get any more.

January 23, 2017

You should remember at all times that this is your ONE and ONLY life. You don't get anymore shots left.

If you're born short, there won't be a time where you're born tall. If you're an ethnic minority there won't be a time where you're born white. If you're poor now, there won't be a time where you're born rich. If you're young now there won't be another time where you'll be young again. If you're born in a poor country, there won't be a time where you're born in a rich country. Stop letting your mind play tricks on you. This is all you got. If you're born with all these disadvantages this is your only fucking shot. No more.

If you spend your time caring only what others think of you; If you burn all your time orbiting women who don't give you the time of day; If you squander all your time lazing around, not lifting, oversleeping and not approaching, then you will die having done ONLY that. You will never get a fucking chance to rewind. This isn't a game where you get second lives. You will never be this young again.

If you spend your life focused on your disadvantages like being poor, short, a minority, being dumb, having a disability, being shy, having a fucked up childhood or any other obstacle then reality check: This is your only fucking chance to get whatever you want. If you don't take it, you will rest in the cold ground all the same.

This is why we were born mortal. Because we are mortal, we are free. Because we got one shot, we make this the best fucking shot we can give. Fuck the limitations. You fucking chase your goals.

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