Tinderfessions, the female mind exposed

May 6, 2014

Alright I came across this account thanks to a link from an article in a different post, but seriously this stuff deserves it's own topic (if it doesn't already exist)


My god, it's fascinating and confirms all of TRP!

"Every 5th guy I fuck on Tinder is an average looking nice guy. That’s my charity work for the week. Then I go back to hot Dbags - Ericka"

"Went on my first tinder date today in the city, walked by another fella I matched on tinder, talk about awkward - Shan"

"Went on my first tinder date last week, he got a BJ I got a McFlurry, never heard from him again though. - Sarah"

"Matched with this guy while on vacation and couldn’t stop laughing the entire time we had sex cause his dick was so small. - Jennifer"

"Hooked up with this guy twice. Creeped his Facebook and found out he has a girlfriend. I’m actually okay with being a side hoe. - AJ"

"Met a girl from Bucknell on tinder and now she snapchats me nudes of her fingering herself - Danny"

"A tinder guy said he thought $40,000/year was a lot of money….I left right when he said that #stepyourgameup - Golddigger"

Any newcomers still doubt how shallow women can be or does this sound like unicorn? These are the thoughts of women that are honest and anonymous.

The idea that 20% of the hottest guys score 80% of the pussy is definitely true on Tinder. Tinder ain't that big where I'm from, but it's clear that in some areas the girls all go crazy for a ONS with the same attractive dude.

I recommend EVERY GUY to browse through those tinderfessions and have the last BP remains in his mind eradicated!

EDIT: Added some quotes

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